Meet Tess


Tess takes care of her guests like family members. Since joining us in 2011, Tess has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make everyone she talks to feel special and cared for.

“I really enjoy what I do every day,” Tess says. “It really touches my heart when I can help my guests plan and enjoy a special travel experience.”

Every year Tess handles the planning for a retired military officer who travels with his service buddies. Then there’s the gentleman who treats his Mom to a trip every two years – with Tess handling all the arrangements, of course.

One of the best ways to travel? River cruises! “You don’t need to unpack, pack, and unpack again because you stay in one stateroom. River cruises are a much more relaxed way to see inspiring destinations throughout the world. If you want high-end luxury and to be treated like royalty, you should consider a river cruise.”

Tess's Top 5 Dream Destinations

Spain & Portugal

Both of these countries offer travelers everything they're looking for. Plus, it's easy to get emersed in the culture once you start tasting the food!

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Flamenco dresses hanging in Spain


I don't know a traveler that doesn't want to visit the African continent at some point during their adventures.

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Crouching lioness, South Africa

Eastern & Central Europe

This lesser-traveled area of the world is absolutely worth traveling to. I've loved my travels through the area and can't wait to explore more!

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Bridge over Danube River and Parliament Building at dusk, Budapest, Hungary


The sites, the food, the history - Italy is a great destination for first-time travelers. It also gets more and more magical with each visit.

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Santa Maria Basilica from the Grand Canal, Venice, Italy


Traveling on a tour through Egypt offers a safe and in-depth view of this amazing destination. I wouldn't miss a cruise down the Nile!

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Temple of Hatshepsut fresco painting, Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Tess Also Recommends

France View Trips People in park at base of Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
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Switzerland View Trips The Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland
Bali Asia Bali Tegallalang Rice Field
Bosnia-Herzegovina View Trips Mostar Bridge at sunset, Bosnia-Herzegovina