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Winter is a magical time of year to visit Europe. Christmas markets are a beloved part of holiday traditions in Europe. Picture market stalls filling medieval town squares in front of centuries-old churches and palaces. Local artisans sold their handcrafted goods—toys, ornaments, decorations, and sweets—and each city established unique traditions that captured the spirit of their people. Experience an authentic insider's view of centuries-old holiday markets and the seasonal festivities that surround Christmas. Our collection of European Christmas Market vacations takes you to the heart of the action, where alpine villages dazzle with twinkle lights, legendary cities celebrate in style, and Europe's time-honored traditions come to life. What are you waiting for? Reserve your European Christmas Markets vacation package today.

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Austria Vienna Christmas Market (2)

Vienna at Christmas Time

The Austrian capital was one of the pioneers of the Christmas market tradition, holding its first event in 1298. Visitors today can enjoy any number of markets, including the Viennese Christmas Market—in front of city hall—and the market at Baroque Schönbrunn Palace, as well as shopping stalls in the historic Spittelberg District.

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Switzerland Berne Jungfrau

Christmas Markets in Zurich

With 150 stalls and operated completely indoors, a 50 foot Christmas tree adorned with Swarovski crystals welcomes visitors to Zurich as they arrive at the Main Train Station. With fruit cake, vendors from all over the world, and all kinds of other traditional Christmas cuisine, the air is filled with the scents and sounds of the holidays. Exhibitors compete for the honor of being named the “Most Beautiful Stall” at the market, ensuring that the entire venue is beautifully adorned. The Zurich market is the largest indoor market in Europe, making it the perfect escape for those blustery cold evenings.

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Germany Munich Christmas Market Bright Stalls Dark Sky

Christmas in Munich

Stalls surround an impressive 85 foot Christmas tree in the German Capital. Here you’ll find children dressed as angels and learning to be the next generation of crafters inside the “Heavenly Workshop” in town hall. Musicians fill the air with festive music every Friday before Christmas as guests hop on the Christmas tram that parades them through the old city as they eat gingerbread cookies and sip hot spiced wine.

Czech Republic Prague Christmas Market

Prague for the Holidays

The abundant Gothic architecture provides a perfect backdrop to the Christmas scene you’ll find in Prague. The two most famous Christmas markets, held at Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, are walking distance from each other. Wander among the traditional wooden huts to admire handmade wooden toys and jewelry, Czech marionettes, nativity scenes, and even a petting zoo. Prague also offers numerous culinary delights, including klobása (sausage), roasted ham, Trdelník (a rolled pastry), Vosí Hnízda (beehive cookies), and hot mulled wine.

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