The 10 Advantages
of Guided Tours


10 Reasons Why Touring is the Easiest and Most Hassle-Free Way to Travel

1: All the fun — none of the worry

While the world is opening up again, travel logistics are more complicated than ever. Regulations about getting to your destination, exploring local attractions, and evening dining may change at a moment’s notice. On a guided tour, you never have to handle the details on your own. We monitor travel in the air and on the ground and handle all the logistics for you.

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2: You’re our #1 priority

Safety is still top-of mind, no matter where in the world you travel. We’re continuously adapting our hygiene and distancing protocols to meet the highest standards and local requirements. Our tours are accompanied by a Wellbeing Director, who is on hand to share information and oversee health protocols.

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3: Save time AND money

With more time and a lot of effort, you could organize everything we do for you on your own. Here’s the rub: we’ve got the buying power no individual can harness. You’ll save money with us — which means more cash for remembrances along the way.

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4: Like-minded companions = friends for life

Traveling with a small group adds another element to your vacation. The people you’re with are there for the same reason as you: to experience another culture, have fun and create amazing memories. No wonder so many guests stay in touch.

Croatia Dubrovnik Cityscape Tourists Climb Stairs

5: When in Rome…

If you want to know where to find the best of everything, who do you ask? Someone who lives there, of course. See the world’s greatest cities through the eyes of real locals. It’s like having a friend show you their favorite places.

Italy Rome Vatican City Sistine Chapel Ceiling Tourists Looking Up Silencio

6: More than a meal

Food is life. And traveling is all about indulging this most delicate of senses. Sample tapas alongside Sevillanos in Spain. Rendezvous with a cognac maker at Rémy Martin and sip the wares. Or join nonna in Alberobello, in Italy’s Apulia region, to learn the secrets of perfecting the perfect gnocchi followed by a family hosted meal you’ll never forget.

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7: Don’t just see it — live it

Tourists see it. Travelers experience it. On a tour, you’re a traveler and you’ll go way beyond the guidebooks, like learning to shuck oysters on a seafood farm on the Croatian coast. Or exploring the Sistine Chapel after it’s closed to the public, topped off with a private dinner surrounded by the treasures of the Vatican Museum. We make that, and plenty more, happen.

Egypt Valley Of The Kings Tourists Inspecting Hieroglyphics

8: Relax, we’ve got you

Imagine this… Everything organized for you: the best hotels, the finest meals, must-see sights, the best experiences, and comfortable transportation from one place to the next. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. Now that’s what we call traveling.

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9: Skip the line

Is your must-see attraction open for visitors? See that line of people waiting to get into the Louvre? Forget the uncertainty and standing in line for hours. We’ve got VIP access to all the big attractions and we’re not afraid to use it.

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10: We know because we go

Each tour is accompanied by a Travel Director, an expert with their finger on the pulse of your destination. That means no unpleasant surprises, language barriers, or stress. Simply worry-free travel. There’ll be no unpleasant surprises because an attraction is closed or confusion about how to handle the tip.

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