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Spain Tours & Packages

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There's truly something for everyone in España. On our 8 - 18 day Spain tours, you are free to discover tapas in Madrid, take a Flamenco lesson in Seville, sip Port in Porto, and so much more.

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Guided Spain Tours by Region  

Passionate, exciting, and full of surprises, Spain charms visitors. Travelers come for flamenco, bullfighting, and year-round sunshine – and they find so much more than meets the eye in this unforgettable destination. Discover a warm, inviting culture where art, architecture, music, and cuisine blend seamlessly with everyday living. 

Spain’s location on the Iberian Peninsula, bordered by Portugal, France, and the Mediterranean and mere miles from Africa, makes it a unique cultural melting pot. This amalgamation is ever-present in Spain’s music, architecture, and cuisine, making it one of the most fun and fascinating countries to explore. 

From the sun-splashed sandy beaches of Costa del Sol to the dramatic slopes of the Pyrenees Mountains, our Spain tours uncover it all, appealing to every travel style and interest. You’ll discover some of the world’s most awe-inspiring and phenomenal architectural achievements. From Gaudi’s iconic Sagrada Familia Church to Córdoba’s mosque-cathedral, you’ll delight in a beautiful hodgepodge of styles and elements – reflections of the Iberian Peninsula’s diverse cultural influences. Roman, Moorish, Gothic, Baroque, Classical, and more dazzle the eye throughout the country. 

Our Spain vacation packages deliver enriching cultural encounters while you travel comfortably with first-class hotels, luxury transportation, and special access to legendary sites.  


Visit Andalusia, Spain’s southernmost region, where gorgeous Moorish and Islamic architecture reflect its proximity to Morocco, just across the strait of Gibraltar. Our tours of Spain take you to the heart of this magical region, the land of olive oil, tapas, and passionate Flamenco dancing. Centuries of north African rule leave an indelible impression on local cuisine, culture, and buildings. See history come alive in the beautifully-preserved Moorish city of Córdoba. You’ll see a Roman bridge dating to the 1st century BC and the spectacular Mezquita, a beautiful 8th-century mosque with a Christian cathedral built inside it. Marvel at the Alhambra, an exquisite palace and citadel built by the Moors in the 13th century and overlooking Granada, a Moorish kingdom for nearly eight centuries until it fell to Catholic monarchs in the late fifteenth century. Our Andalusia tours journey through citrus and olive groves to visit romantic Seville, where Christopher Columbus is buried in an ornate tomb at the Seville Cathedral. Explore the old Jewish Quarter and the iconic Giralda Bell Tower. Indulge in Mediterranean beach life on the sunny Costa del Sol, where you can stroll waterside promenades and dine on seafood in village cafes. 

Basque Country  

Our tours of the Basque Country explore the captivating landscape of northern Spain, bordered by France and the Bay of Biscay leading out to the Atlantic Ocean. The most famous gem of the region is the striking 1997 Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, itself an excellent reason to visit Basque Country. One of the world's most recognizable buildings, this Frank Gehry-designed art museum is a titanium-wrapped marvel of architectural ingenuity. Bilbao is a lively hub of cutting-edge design and architecture and a place where tradition runs deep. Stroll the Casco Viejo, a historic district dating to the 15th century, and enjoy some pintxos, the local iteration of tapas, elbow-to-elbow with locals. Appetite whet, move on to beautiful San Sebastián, the gourmet capital of Spain. This waterfront city reflects the region's rich maritime history – the Basques had one of the first commercial whaling and long-distance fishing industries in European history. You can count on enjoying delicious seafood and local wine, perhaps along one of its picturesque bayfront promenades. The white-sand-lined Bay of Concha is perfect for swimming, lounging, and people-watching. Don’t miss the wide array of food stalls at the Mercado de la Bretxa, a 19th-century covered shopping hall.  

Castilla y Leon  

Between the Atlantic Ocean on the north coast and the metropolis of Madrid, explore the region known as Castilla y León on a Grand European Tour of northern Spain. This region encompasses a high plateau surrounded by mountains. It includes eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Old City of Salamanca, where one of the world’s oldest universities stands, established in the 12th century – about a thousand years ago. The old center retains golden-hued Romanesque, Gothic, Moorish, Renaissance, and Baroque monuments. Have a drink at one of the many cafes surrounding the vast Plaza Mayor, built in the Spanish Baroque style. A visit to the medieval walled city of Segovia captures the imagination. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is perched on a rocky outcrop between two rivers. Overlooking the city is Alcazar, a 15th-century fortress and castle whose conical spires are said to have inspired Walt Disney. The city also hosts an incredible Roman aqueduct which has remained intact for 2,000 years. It was in service until 1973.  


Visit Catalonia, where the region retains an identity independent of Spain and its own language. Adjacent to France and tiny Andorra, with the Pyrenees Mountains as a stunning backdrop, Catalonia in northern Spain has a long Mediterranean coastline, of which Barcelona is the highlight. The Sagrada Familia, one of Barcelona’s most iconic buildings, is a bucket-list sight on all tours of Catalonia. This immense and still-unfinished church, a unique hybrid of gothic and art nouveau styles, is the most famous structure by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, whose whimsical, organic designs dot the city. The interior is bathed by jewel-toned rays passing through rainbows of stained-glass windows. Visit Gaudi’s playful, mosaic-laden Park Güell for a colorful afternoon. As a capital of culture, art, and architecture, Barcelona has elegant stroll-worthy streets like Passeig de Gràcia Avenue and Las Ramblas, where artisan crafts, street performers, luxury boutiques, and art galleries vie for your attention. With plenty of parks, markets, and public beaches, Barcelona invites visitors to slow down and enjoy a sparkling glass of Spanish cava as the world goes by.  


Every tour of Spain should include a visit to exciting Madrid (both the region as well as the capital of Spain). Parks, plazas, and elegant boulevards make this thriving city a joy to explore. Historic neighborhoods abound, each with its character and rich with architectural delights. Marvel at the elaborate facades lining the Gran Vía, Madrid’s most famous street. A street that never sleeps houses shops, bars, and restaurants while running through the city's heart, leading you to the famous Plaza de Cibeles and its fountain depicting the goddess of fertility on a chariot drawn by a pair of lions. Our Madrid tours invite you to explore the verdant tree-lined walking paths, historic buildings of El Retiro Park, and the grounds and interior of the 3,000-room Royal Palace. The nearby Plaza Mayor, the center of Old Madrid, marks one end of Calle de Alcalá, one of Madrid’s longest and oldest thoroughfares, and is lined with still more imposing, ornate buildings. Art lovers mustn't miss the renowned Prado Museum, where you can see masterpieces by Botticelli, Velázquez, Titian, Rubens, and Goya. When you visit Madrid, indulge in local pastimes, like watching a soccer match or people-watching over coffee and churros.  


Visit Valencia for an intriguing mix of old and new right on the edge of the Mediterranean. The futuristic buildings of the City of Arts and Sciences stand in stark contrast with ancient stone buildings and colorful row houses. Our tours of Valencia explore the bustling Mercado Central and the medieval charm of the Old City, once enclosed by fortressed walls. The buildings reflect a catalog of influences from Romans to Moors, from Gothic to Modernista, earning the city designation as the World Design Capital 2022. Let the fresh Mediterranean views and breezes beckon you to the beautiful beaches of Valencia, where amber sand meets irresistible turquoise water. This is the land of bullfighting, where the neoclassical Plaza de Toros bullring still hosts battles. It’s also the proud homeland of paella, the celebrated saffron-scented dish of rabbit, sausage, and seafood cooked with rice in a wide, shallow pan over an open fire. Enjoy it with a glass of sangria. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Spain Tours  

  • Is Spain in Europe?  
    Spain is western Europe’s most southern country. It shares the Iberian Peninsula with neighboring Portugal and is a mere eight miles from the African continent across the Strait of Gibraltar.  
  • How many days should you spend in Spain? 
    This captivating country, overflowing with diverse landscapes, cultures, and languages, could keep you busy for weeks. We recommend our tours of Spain that give you at least a week in the country, allowing you a good survey of the country or a deeper dive into a single region. 
  • What can you see in Spain in a week?  
    One week in Spain will give you a good taste of two or three major cities and some of the countryside. Most of our tours to Spain include stops in Portugal or France and last from nine to 16 days.  
  • When is the best time to visit Spain?  
    Any time is a good time in Spain. With about 3,000 average hours of annual sunshine, the country has mild temperatures year-round. Spring and fall have beautiful weather and lighter crowds. Summer may trend towards hot, and it’s the high season for European and international travelers, so it tends to be crowded.  

Why You Should Visit Spain  

This Mediterranean nation has so much to explore. Get inspired with our collection of tours of Spain and leave the planning to our experts. Hop on one of our Spain vacation packages and discover the magical destinations throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Savor the country's delicacies: tasty tapas, savory paella, refreshing sangria, and delectable churros. Sip a glass of sparkling cava at a beachside cafe or one of the country’s many historic plazas. 

Feel the mist rise from Baroque fountains, smell the orange blossoms, admire the imprint of history on every boulevard, and marvel at the golden glow of the setting sun reflecting from cathedrals, fortresses, and aqueducts. Learn about the fierce independence and identity of the Basque and Catalan regions. Shop artisan crafts and luxury stores, visit art galleries and wander market stalls and pristine parks. Hilltop fortresses, beachside promenades, and cobbled streets winding through old quarters will create indelible memories of this captivating country. Witness flamenco dancing, bullfighting, and the fervor of a soccer crowd. Whether your passion lies in food, architecture, history, culture, or sheer natural beauty, you’ll find it richly represented on our excellent Spain tours.

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