Rob Rainwater

Rob is not your typical Travel Specialist. He’s an accomplished songwriter and musician who performs locally and internationally – and he has a personal passion for travel. “When I talk with guests, I listen for the points you are passionate about. That helps me get to the heart of why you want to travel and what you want to experience,” Rob says.

Every time Rob talks with a new guest, he starts with a fresh perspective. He'll ask you a lot of questions to get below the surface and understand what you actually want on your next guided vacation. “That personal insight forges long-term relationships between me and my guests, and building relationships is one of the best parts of my job.”

Since joining us in 2015, Rob has developed an expert understanding of the more than 400 trips in our collection. His depth of knowledge amazes even the most sophisticated travelers. “I took a call recently from someone who had spoken with four other travel agents. They told me I was the only person who really understood their company’s product line and they went ahead and they trusted me to start planning their next vacation.”

Rob uses his product knowledge to recommend his favorite “hidden gems.” Portugal is a unique and inspiring destination and Rob encourages travelers to consider the Country Roads of Portugal vacation to experience everything this country has to offer.

For guests who can take a longer vacation, Rob often recommends the Grand Scandinavia experience. This three-week trip operated by Insight Vacations gives you more opportunities to experience the Northern Lights than any other tour.

If you travel to Scotland or Ireland, be on the lookout for Rob. One of his personal passions is playing his music in the local pubs when he travels there!

Rob's Top Trips

Treasures of Greece & the Islands

Part of why this is a dream destination for me is that I studied Ancient history and Theology in school, and Greece is the light of the ancient world in many ways.  I believe that Ancient Greece is the protogenesis of all that we hold dear in the modern world from architecture and literature to drama and government. I’d like to bask in its eternal glow in my lifetime. Also, I hear the food is amazing!

Classical India with Nepal

I’d like to see India and Nepal because of the incredible people I’ve met from there. I honestly don’t know that much about either of these countries, but a lot of the joy in travel is in the discoveries and surprises that we encounter. There is a rich Monastic tradition in both Nepal and India that I would like to see. Also, I know that the Travel Director will create an experience that will bring these places to life.

Land of the Gods

The other side of the coin from Greece for me is the ancient Middle East. The world connects here, but on a day-to-day basis, we don’t realize it. It's an incredible epicenter for history both modern, medieval, and ancient. I’d like to experience Jerusalem and the surrounding country and walk in the footsteps of all the history, good and bad.

Scenic Iceland & the Northern Lights

Icelandic people have an approach to life that I’d like to see firsthand. Also, the Aurora Borealis would be something to see, and Iceland offers one of the best places in the world to see it.

Spiritual Japan with Tokyo

Most of what I know about Japan is from World War II history, the 80s movie Gung Ho, starring Michael Keaton, and looking at maps. Also, I like Cherry Blossoms and Sushi.

Enchanting Emerald Isle

The first time I went to Ireland I didn't know much, but in the words of a friend of mine, “Ireland is a powerful lover, she will call you back again.” The music is unparalleled, the people are wonderful, and if you don’t watch out a guy named Clarence might try to kiss your wife.