Tess Diaz

Tess takes care of her guests like family members. Since joining us in 2014, Tess has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make everyone she talks to feel special and cared for.

“I really enjoy what I do every day,” Tess says. “It really touches my heart when I can help my guests plan and enjoy a special travel experience.”

Every year Tess handles the planning for a retired military officer who travels with his service buddies. Then there’s the gentleman who treats his Mom to a trip every two years – with Tess handling all the arrangements, of course.

She also recently worked with a couple who wanted to get married during a river cruise. While river cruises are a wonderfully romantic way to honeymoon or celebrate your anniversary, Tess recommends them for other travelers as well.

“You don’t need to unpack, pack, and unpack again because you stay in one stateroom. River cruises are a much more relaxed way to see inspiring destinations throughout the world. If you want high-end luxury and to be treated like royalty, you should consider a river cruise.”

Our river cruises are operated by Uniworld, the world’s most luxurious, all-inclusive river cruise line.

Tess recommends the Highlights of China & the Yangtze for anyone who wants a spectacularly unique experience. Because she finds Paris to be a magical city – especially during the holidays – Tess encourages guests to consider the Parisian Royal Holiday 8-day river cruise.

Tess is also great at getting to know you and finding out what really interests you – whether it's art galleries and museums, natural wonders or historic villages – and then finding an itinerary that includes these special experiences.

Tess's Top Trips