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Guests seeking the ultimate in indulgence and refinement will enjoy our exclusive collection of vacations that go above and beyond expectations, providing the finest accommodation, epicurean dining, and exclusive VIP experiences. Our Luxury partners delivering 5-Star experiences include Luxury Gold, Lion World Travel and Uniworld Boutique River Cruises.


Premium vacations feature 1st Class, centrally located hotels, the services of an experienced Travel Director throughout your journey, and exclusive experiences. With a maximum of 40 guests, you’ll enjoy an intimate touring experience, as well as spacious Business Class legroom on all motor coaches. Our Premium brand of choice is Insight Vacations.

First Class

First Class vacations feature 1st Class hotels, exclusive Be My Guest experiences where you’ll meet and dine with locals, the services of a Travel Director throughout your vacation, and resident local guides, who will lead exclusive sightseeing tours offering an insider perspective. Our First-Class brand of choice is Trafalgar, the most awarded vacation company in the world.


Value vacations offer incredible experiences at unbeatable prices, including the services of an experienced Travel Director, sightseeing tours in major cities, breakfasts on all European itineraries, and European 3- and 4-star hotels (not always centrally located). Proven itineraries balance the must-see sites, free time, and optional experiences. Our value partner is CostSaver.

What Kind of Traveler Are You?

History Buffs

We’ve gathered the best experiences for anyone who enjoys walking in the footsteps of the past. If you want to explore iconic landmarks and reflect at poignant memorials, then visiting these historic destinations is the perfect choice. Whether you’re discovering the heritage of a bygone culture, or admiring the enigmatic architecture of an ancient civilization, your vacation is sure to be educational, compelling, and unforgettable on any trip in this collection.

Culinary Adventurers

Are you a connoisseur of fine food and world-class wine? Some travelers might plan meals around their destination, but for you, the meal is the destination. You genuinely believe that to truly experience a country, one must experience the cuisine. From savoring flavorful wines in France to indulging in the essential spices of India, a new taste and full stomach ensure your vacation is a success. Gourmets, oenophiles, and lovers of life’s finer things will relish this quintessential collection of our favorite culinary adventures.  

Cultural Enthusiasts

Do you have an appreciation of the arts and a desire to experience them in person? When on vacation, does a museum or two (or six) always make its way onto your itinerary? If you thoroughly enjoy guided tours packed with exclusive-entry visits to museums, insights into the local culture, and theatrical performances, then browse this carefully selected collection to find your perfect trip.

Entertainment Aficionados

Do you want to step into the world of your favorite movies and television shows? Discover the stunning filming locations that became epic battles, dramatic journeys, and romantic rendezvous. Whether it’s sipping martinis with James Bond or sneaking into Mordor with Frodo, let your imagination run wild as you stand in the footprints of beloved characters and create memories to last a lifetime. We've put together a delightful collection of guided vacations, each guaranteed to entertain the most avid cinema fan.

Luxury Travelers

Do you want to stay at the best addresses and travel as a VIP? Whether you want to wake up right in the heart of a city, or relax in the idyllic countryside, luxury is your number one priority. If you want the ultimate in indulgence and refinement with elegant accommodations, epicurean dining, and as many exclusive experiences as possible, then these luxurious vacations are just for you.

Nature Lovers

Are you more at home in your garden than anywhere else? Would you take rolling hills and snow-capped mountains over crowded cities any day of the week? Sometimes a stroll through botanical gardens meets your needs, and other times an exciting safari tour is the perfect answer for a vacation. If your appreciation of the outdoors is on par with John Muir, then this collection is for you. Each trip welcomes stunning vistas and once-in-a-lifetime destinations that will surely take your breath away.