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Packing and More

woman choosing luggage
The Right Luggage
Finding your style

woman packing suitcase, rolled clothes
Your Packing List
Check out this handy guide!

woman packing suitcasePacking Light:
Less Luggage, More Style

woman trying to close suitcase by sitting on top
Five Essential Packing Tips
Pack and Travel Like a Pro

people waiting in airport
Know Before You Go
Essential European Travel Checklist

blue suitcaseMust-Have Packing Accessories
Packing cubes, compression bags, etc.

pickpocket pulling wallet out of backpackBest Anti-theft Travel Accessories
Confound those crooks!

pickpocket pulling wallet out of woman's coatAnti-theft Travel Clothes
Discourage pickpockets in style

flight attendant on planeASK A TRAVEL EXPERT
Great Ways to Survive Long Flights

clothesline outside of European home
Doing Laundry in Europe
Four ways to slim down your suitcase!

packing all you need- hat, camera, flip flops
Packing for diverse Africa

The Tap App

Refilling your reusable water bottle