Anti-Theft Travel Clothing


Traveling is an adventure, bringing us face-to-face with new people, places and experiences. While 99% of those unfamiliar people, places and things are good, the reality is that there are a few bad apples at home and abroad, and they often congregate in highly touristed areas, hoping to score a few points on unaware travelers with their pickpocketing and petty theft skills.

Take these steps to outsmart thieves & pickpockets

  • Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. If you look like you are paying attention, troublemakers will choose another target.
  • Don’t travel with valuables – if you do become a victim of theft it will be a nuisance, not a disaster or heartbreak.
  • Don’t keep all your money in one place: Split it up between wallet, money belt, and hidden security pockets.
  • Keep a watchful eye on your traveling companions but keep paying attention to your own security. Experienced thieves are masters of distraction and experts at staging a commotion to divert your attention from your pocket or bag.

Our favorite anti-theft clothing

The good news: Crafty inventors have come up with myriad ways to stay safe on the road. Here are a few of our favorite clothing recommendations to help keep your property secure as you venture out in the world. These are attractive options, with all the function of the classic safari vest, and none of the saggy baggy pockets. For more information, check out this article on our favorite anti-theft accessories for travel

Theft-Proof Clothing for Women

Women’s Travel Pants from Clothing Arts

These nicely tailored travel pants feature multiple secure pockets to keep valuables secure and organized. The lightweight, quick-drying fabric has spandex for stretch and comfort. Available in four colors, they can convert to Capri length. A skirt and dress are also available.

Security Infinity Scarf from Magellan’s

No one will suspect this soft, casual scarf has a hidden zip pocket. Available in aqua, purple and black.

RFID 10-Pocket Café Coat from Magellan’s

Six discrete exterior pockets and four interior pockets keep your essentials secure and organized. One pocket has RFID protection for passport and credit cards. In black, silver, and berry.

Theft-Proof Clothing For Men

Men’s Adventure Pants from Clothing Arts

These cargo pants are engineered with multiple secure hidden pockets to confound pickpockets. Cargo pockets are slash-resistant. Light, quick-dry fabric in five colors. Also check out Clothing Arts’ other men’s styles including business, shorts, jeans, and zip-off shorts conversions.

Voyager II Convertible Jacket from Magellan’s

This super-versatile jacket has 12 pockets, big enough for tablet and guidebook. It easily converts to a vest, and the hood zips into the collar. The water-resistant jacket is available in black and khaki.

Cubed Travel Jacket from Clothing Arts

The technically advanced waterproof breathable fabric makes this the perfect jacket for rainy climes. Two interior/exterior access pockets, two hand pockets, and four interior pockets hold lots of cargo. In black, slate and mountain blue.