International SIM Cards

It is important to consider how you will keep in touch with family and friends during your vacation.

In case of an emergency, you'll want to have a reliable way for you family to contact you. Plus you'll be able to share you travel experiences on social media as they're happening!

With international SIM cards for every region, ekit has options to connect you on every trip you take. Travel the world safely and calmly, knowing that you can connect to a local network with any one of their global SIM cards. You can order ahead of time and and receive a SIM delivered to your home before you depart, providing you with service as soon as you arrive in your destination. Fit it into your existing device and you’re ready to go!

All ekit communication options are prepaid, so traveling on a budget is easy and you won't be shocked by a huge bill later. The international travel SIM card has no connection fees, no monthly fees, and no hidden charges. You pay for what you need. Download the ekit Travel App to manage the SIM account from anywhere and track your remaining balance. Top up a global travel SIM Card on the move by adding extra airtime credit or a data plan. The ekit service has credit and prepaid data plans with up to 90% savings on international roaming charges. An ekit International SIM is preloaded with $10 credit, and offers one flat rate for talk, text and data. It also allows family and friends to call for free.

Having an International SIM cards provide coverage in over 190 countries, on airlines and on-board 220 cruise ships across 380 networks. You also keep the same ekit phone number no matter where you travel. Ekit Prepaid International SIM Cards come with a +44 British Isles phone number and the option to add a +1 US Number. When subscribed to a US number, friends and family in the US will be able to contact the international SIM card at the cost of a local call or text.