Daniel Pelletier

If there is a perfect job for Daniel, it’s being a Travel Specialist with us. Not only does Daniel love international travel, but he also spent 27 months with the Peace Corps teaching in Jordan. “I just love to travel and my time in the Peace Corps instilled in me a spirit of adventure and wanting to help local economies around the world,” Daniel says.

Joining us in 2015, Daniel found the perfect way to unite his passion and use his personal experiences to help our guests find, book, and enjoy the perfect vacation.

“I really like to work with first-time travelers. I remember the first time I traveled to a different country. There were so many things I didn't know.” Which is why Daniel uses that experience to help our guests avoid his “rookie” mistakes.

If you have questions, Daniel is here to answer them. Whether it's questions about getting through TSA security, converting U.S. dollars into local currencies, or your next steps after leaving the airport exit point, Daniel has you covered.

One of Daniel’s favorite tips for guests is to book an extra day in your arrival or departure city. Not only does it give you more time to adjust, but you have extra time to explore at a more leisurely pace. 

That goes for selecting your itinerary as well. “Choosing a more leisurely vacation with three nights in major cities gives you the opportunity to experience the culture and the people.”

What vacations are on Daniel’s “hot” list right now? “Croatia is a hidden gem. It’s less ‘traveled’ than Italy and has a beautiful coastline and some of the best beaches.” Country Roads of Croatia gives you the opportunity to experience the heritage, history, and traditional village life. Trafalgar’s new 11-day tour, Best of Croatia and Slovenia, takes you to ancient walled cities and seaside retreats. 

Daniel's Top Trips

Contrasts of Switzerland

Switzerland by train, enough said.

Five Epic National Parks

I like the fact that this trip packs so many cool parks into a shorter trip with less driving.

Country Roads of Croatia

I really enjoyed a trip there 5 years ago, and I've been wanting to go back ever since. I like this tour because it has a lot of island time.

Amazing Ireland

I would love to go back to Ireland after a short trip there last year. I like the 2-night stays everywhere and the time spent in Northern Ireland.

Japan Discovery

I've always wanted to travel to Japan for their unique culture and history. Traveling by bullet train while there is a bonus.