Exploring Nature in Costa Rica

Exploring Nature in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a top destination for travelers seeking something a little different.

The country’s vast wilderness offers breathtaking natural beauty and endless opportunities for exploration. Where to begin?  The protected wilderness area of Tortuguero National Park is a sanctuary of soft sand beaches, freshwater lagoons and tropical rain forests. Here’s what you should know about Tortuguero.

Of Costa Rica’s impressive 26 national parks, Tortuguero is a favorite among nature lovers. The 77,000 acre sanctuary is one of the most biologically diverse sites on the planet –consisting of 11 different ecological habitats including mangrove forests, swamps, lagoons and beaches.  All of this is nestled in a remote part of the country making it accessible only by boat.

Tortuguero’s lush tropical forests offer a prime location to observe wildlife.  In particular, travelers can catch a glimpse of four species of monkeys and adorable three-toed sloths. Birdwatchers can admire more than 375 species of feathered fledglings.

Nesting turtles can be seen along beaches and canal banks from February to July, when they visit the area to deposit their eggs. Some parts of Tortuguero have even been partially cleared to allow easy access for the endangered green sea turtle.

Ready to explore Tortuguero? Our Costa Rica Eco-Adventure includes two-nights in this awe-inspiring natural setting — a rare opportunity to travel through mangrove swamps by boat and perhaps witness endangered sea turtles laying their eggs.

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