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Chile & Easter Island

Chile & Easter Island Travel Tips

Stretching halfway down the west coast of South America, Chile is a country of untouched natural beauty and cultural treasures. From one of the driest deserts on earth, the Atacama, to the fertile central valleys and wine producing regions, down to the mountains and glaciers of Patagonia and the sub-Antarctic islands, Chile is one of the most diverse countries in South America. The country prides itself on environmental preservation and boasts exceptional opportunities for hiking and wildlife watching.

The capital, Santiago, blends colonial and neoclassical architecture at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Here you’ll enjoy world-class cuisine, especially seafood and Chilean wines. Wander the city and you’ll discover the Plaza de Armas, Santiago’s central square and the city’s cultural heart since its founding in 1541. North of the capital is Valparaiso, a UNESCO-listed port city with a rich naval history and iconic colorful hillside neighborhoods, famous for their street art.

Over 2300 miles to the west of Chile lies the mystical Easter Island, known as Rapa Nui in Polynesian. The island’s native Polynesian people are among the world’s most isolated cultures. Beginning around the 10th century AD, these societies began constructing moai, immense and enigmatic stone statues that continue to fascinate us today.


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