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Visa FAQs

A travel visa is a document issued by a foreign country that provides permission for you to gain entry into that country. To see the travel visa requirements for a specific destination visit VisaCentral's Quick Check

You can apply online or call us for assistance.

For the majority of countries, a travel visa is stamped on, or affixed to, a travel visa page inside a passport. 

If you are not a US passport holder, you must check with the consulate if they require a visa. If the country does, we'll send you your hotel list, flight itinerary (if applicable), and tour itinerary and invoice showing you've paid to travel to this destination.

Within 75 days of travel, a specialist will send you a visa application, hotel list, and tour itinerary.

The speed to process a travel visa varies for each destination country. CIBT can process travel visas for many destinations in as little as a day.

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What Are Countries That Require Visas for US Citizens?

Travel rules are changing daily If you're not sure, ask your Travel Specialist to help you plan for your visa requirements. In certain situations, your specialist will send you the information you need.


US citizens must acquire an electronic visa called an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) before traveling to Australia.


Brazil visas must be obtained well in advance of departure from a Brazilian Consulate. They are issued as a sticker placed onto a page of your valid passport.


China requires that travelers must apply for their visa at the correct Chinese Consulate based on their state of residence.


India maintains a complicated visa processing system that begins with an in-depth online application; we highly recommend that travelers to India use the services of a visa expediting company.


Vacationing in Bali? Visas are available on arrival at international airports in Indonesia, or you can apply in advance at an Indonesian Consulate in the US.


Kenya requires visas for US citizens. Single entry Kenya visas are available online as e-Visas. Multiple entry visas are available through the Kenyan Consulate in New York City.

Additional Countries that Require Visas for US Travelers

Visit these specific country's visa website pages, or ask your Travel Specialist to help you plan for your visa requirements.

Iraq, Cambodia, Egypt, Jordan, Tanzania, Türkiye, and Thailand