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What countries require visas for US citizens, and do I need a visa for my trip?

You may need a travel visa to enter certain countries as a US citizen. The visa requirements can vary depending on the purpose and length of your trip, so it's essential to check with the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit before making travel arrangements. 

You may need a visa if you are traveling to these destinations: 
Sri Lanka

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keep your united states passport up to date for international travels and apply or renew in time

To travel on an international guided tour or river cruise, it's required that each traveler's passport contains at least three blank visa pages and is valid for six months after the completion of the tour. Before booking your trip abroad, ensure you have all your passport information up to date and ready to go. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Visas for US Citizens

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A travel visa is a document issued by a foreign country that permits you to gain entry into that country. To see the travel visa requirements by country and keep up to date with any changes, see our page on current country restrictions and requirements.

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For most countries, a travel visa is stamped on, or affixed to, a travel visa page inside a passport. 

If you are not a US passport holder, you must check with the consulate if they require a visa. If the country does, we'll send you your hotel list, flight itinerary (if applicable), and tour itinerary and invoice showing you've paid to travel to this destination.

The speed to process a travel visa varies for each destination country. VisaCentral can process travel visas for many destinations in as little as a day.

It's important to note that visa requirements and types vary by country. Some countries may not require a visa at all for short-term visits, while others may have specific visa categories based on the purpose of your visit.

Here are some common visa types that may be required for U.S. citizens traveling to other countries:

Tourist Visa: This is a visa for individuals visiting a foreign country for tourism or vacation purposes.

Business Visa: This is a visa for individuals traveling to a foreign country for business purposes, such as attending a conference, meeting with clients, or conducting market research.

Student Visa: This is a visa for individuals who are studying in a foreign country.

It's essential to research the specific visa requirements and procedures for the country you plan to visit, as they can vary widely. You learn more about specific country requirements here.

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