• ETIAS Frequently Asked Questions: European Travel Authority for US Citizens

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Managing Your Booking
& Travel Documents

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  • ETIAS Frequently Asked Questions: European Travel Authority for US Citizens

    ETIAS Frequently Asked Questions LEARN MORE

Your Booking Documents

MyGET: Enhance Your Travel Experience

MyGET is an easy-to-use, interactive travel portal that connects you to your vacation before and during your trip. With just a few clicks, you can view your trip itinerary and available optional experiences, manage your booking, make a payment, or view your invoice. As you get closer to your trip, your travel documents will also be available here.

If you've traveled with us before and have a MyGET account, you'll need to log in and find your new booking; you can complete your required registration.

If you do not have a MyGET account, creating an account and registering your booking is easy. Enter your first name, last name, and email address associated with your booking, and set a password for your account. You will receive an email to the address you provided notifying you that your account setup is nearly complete - follow the link to confirm your password, and you'll be set to go.

Your Travel Documents

A Passport Is Required for International Travel

All tour members must possess a valid U.S. passport when traveling outside of the U.S., including to Canada & Mexico.

keep your united states passport up to date for international travels and apply or renew in time

To travel on an international guided tour or river cruise, it's required that each traveler's passport contains at least three blank visa pages and is valid for six months after the completion of the tour. Before booking your trip abroad, ensure you have all your passport information up to date and ready to go. 

Passport Renewal Application Timing

Entry Visas for US Citizens

Some countries require US citizens to have an Entry Visa prior to arrival. For tours traveling to countries that require visas to be applied for in advance, we will send you the visa application forms approximately 75 days prior to departure; a valid U.S. passport is necessary at this time. Please be sure that the name provided to Grand European Travel is the same name that appears on your passport.

Electronic Visa

Australia requires an electronic visa which is obtained at the time of airline ticket purchase.

Misc. Taxes

Some countries may charge you a Departure Tax when you check into the airport for your departing flight. Some countries charge a one-time Reciprocity Tax.

Ea Packing Pickpocket Travel Safe Accessories

Keep Your Important Information Safe

We advise keeping a record of your passport number, place, and date of issue and a photocopy of the first page separately. If your passport gets lost or stolen while you are traveling, advise your Travel Director immediately, and they will assist you in contacting the necessary parties to issue a temporary replacement passport.

The Best Anti-Theft Travel Accessories