Great Ways to Survive a Long Flight

Our Travel Specialists have pulled together some of their favorite tips to make a long flight more tolerable — and maybe even enjoyable.

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It’s not just the time you spend on the plane you need to think about, it’s all the other details before and after your flights — like flight times, connections, getting through customs in a foreign airport, ground transportation to your hotel. Every year we plan and book thousands of flights for our guests, so we know the best schedules, negotiate great prices, and take care of all the logistics for you. Plus, if you have specific requests, like a specific airline of your choice or traveling Business Class, we can take care of it for you.

Barbara, GET Travel Specialist

Thinking about what you eat and drink while inflight can make a real difference when you land. Eating carb-rich foods, like pasta, whole grain bread, or oatmeal has been shown to reduce (or even prevent) jet lag. Pack plenty of protein-rich snacks in your carryon. You’ll feel fuller longer, and it will make waiting for the food service on your flight a little easier. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid headaches. Staying away from coffee (if you can) and limiting alcoholic beverages is another way to reduce jetlag.

Rob, GET Travel Specialist

We’ve all experienced it. First, the plane is too hot, then too cold. You might not be able to control the plane’s thermostat, but you can control your own. Wearing loose, comfy clothing makes it easier to relax and move around in your seat. Layer sweaters and jackets over shirts so if you get too hot, you can peel off a layer. Remember a scarf or poncho. You can use it as a blanket for your legs or shoulders.

Michelle, GET Travel Specialist

One sure fire way to help you feel fresh on arrival is to pack a few must-haves in your carry-on. Before you head out, stock up at your local pharmacy or grocery store’s “TSA friendly” toiletry aisle where everything you need is packaged under 3 ounces so it’s carry-on safe. A travel toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipes, hand lotion, and deodorant are my main go-to’s when flying. There’s nothing like brushing your teeth to make you feel instantly refreshed!

Tess, GET Travel Specialist