Travel Documents:
Passports & Visas



All tour members must possess a valid U.S. passport for traveling outside of the U.S., including to Canada & Mexico. To apply for a passport you'll need proof of U.S. citizenship, ID such as a driver's license, two recent 2" x 2" color photographs and a completed application form. Passport application forms and fee information can be obtained from your local post office or online at Travel.State.Gov. Allow 6 to 10 weeks to process your passport application. 

All passports must contain at least 3 blank visa pages and must be valid for 6 months after the completion of your tour.

Any and all foreign nationals (individuals who do not hold a U.S. passport) are requested to contact VisaCentral at 1-866-788-1100 to see if visas are required by any countries that you will be staying in and traveling through. 

Grand European Travel will not be held responsible for any delays or refusal of entry at border crossings due to the lack of proper visas.

*All visa costs and entry/exit requirements can change at any time. Please call for details or visit Travel.State.Gov for current information.

Entry Visas

Some countries require U.S. citizens to have an Entry Visa prior to arrival. For tours traveling to countries that require visas to be applied for in advance, we will send you the visa application forms approximately 75 days prior to departure; a valid U.S. passport is necessary at this time. Please be sure that the name provided to Grand European Travel is the same name that appears on your passport.

Other Charges

Some countries may charge you a Departure Tax when you check into the airport for your departing flight. Some countries charge a one-time Reciprocity Tax.

Electronic Visa

Australia requires an electronic visa which is obtained at the time of airline ticket purchase.

Important Information

Remember to keep your passport with you at all times and do not pack it in your luggage. We advise that you keep a record of your passport number, place and date of issue and a photocopy of the first page separately. In the unlikely event that your passport gets lost or stolen while you are traveling, advise your Travel Director immediately and they will assist you in contacting the necessary parties to issue a temporary replacement passport.