Great Vacation Ideas
for A Group of Friends

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The Best Things to Do on a Group Trip with Friends

There’s something special about a trip with friends. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, reconnect, and share new experiences. With that in mind, here are six top destinations to enjoy with friends.

Go Wine Tasting in Europe Together

For most wine lovers, France is the place to visit. Not only are the wines sublime, but you'll also enjoy some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Italy is the only country that rivals France for the title of Best Old World Wines. In total, Italy boasts 20 separate wine regions. You'll want to try wine from each of the renowned regions.

France Wine Tasting Chateauneruf Du Pape South Of France Iv

Visit France for the Variety of Wine

While in France, enjoy wines from the regions that many consider the best in the world. Try Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in Bordeaux, Rosé in Provence, and Syrah in the Rhône Valley. 

Insider tip: When you get home, serving wine from the Rhône Valley never fails to impress. Invite friends for dinner, sip from a lovely bottle, and share stories from your time in France!

Italy Tuscany Chianti Wine Tasting Iv

Go to Italy for The 'Big Reds'

Italy is world-renown for it's old-world vines and wine. If you're looking for a great vacation with big, bold red wine glasses for the drinking, you have to go to Italy. In general, the Tuscany region is most prized for its winemaking - and those tannic and bold "Big Reds" thrive here. The region is famous for its Chianti, and you should try as many as possible while there. You'll also want to try Prosecco in Veneto, Barolo in Piedmont, Franciacorta in Lombardy, and Nero d’Avol in Sicily. Taste all the vino you can as you enjoy beautiful Italy, with visits to Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and Lake Maggiore.

Explore the Mediterranean

When it comes to unwinding and spending quality time together, consider visiting stunning destinations with beautiful Mediterranean coastlines. Some fantastic options include the sun-soaked shores of Spain, the charming coastal towns of Croatia, the idyllic Greek islands, and the luxurious principality of Monaco.

Greece Mykonos Sunset Outdoor Cafe

Go to Greece for the Islands

White sand beaches, aquamarine water, hillside villas overlooking the sea, and a Mediterranean breeze blowing through your hair, the sun-kissed Greek Isles are a magical getaway destination. Explore the ancient treasures of Athens, then go island-hopping from Mykonos to Santorini to Crete and beyond.

Spain San Sebastian Tapas Pintxos Iv

Eat Your Way Through Spain

NO trip through Spain is complete without sangria and stuffing yourself on tapas - the famous Spanish finger foods. The best place to wind your way through a tapas meal is in Seville. Take to the markets together and try to taste all the varieties of tapas that you can.

Croatia Plitvice National Park Expert

Enjoy the Natural Wonders of Croatia

Croatia is a stunning place to visit. As a group of friends traveling together, there's no better place to find almost everything you want in a vacation destination. There are pristine beaches, fresh and modern cuisine, museums, history, ancient sites, and so many outdoor activities to enjoy. Plus, you can explore Plitvice National Park together. One of Europe’s great natural wonders, travelers from across the world come to stroll along wooden boardwalks taking in the cascading waterfalls, bright green ponds, and interconnected lakes.

Explore Ancient Ruins & Get Outside

Are your friends a bunch of history buffs, birders, or nature enthusiasts? Do you all want to experience something truly new together? The Pyramids of Giza, the Nile, ancient temples, iconic antiquities, and the Sphinx - if your friends are history buffs, there are many reasons to visit Egypt. Or step back in time at Machu Picchu, explore Inca treasures, wild landscapes, and ancient legends on a trip to Peru together. For bird lovers and nature enthusiasts, Costa Rica is the place to be. Over a quarter of the country's lands are protected areas, and with over half a million species, it’s one of the world’s most biodiverse countries.

Egypt Giza Sphinx And Pyramids

Explore the Temples & Tombs of Egypt

Egypt is on most people's bucket list, which makes it a great destination to visit with friends as you'll all get to check it off together! Of course, you'll want to go to the Valley of the Kings, the site of the ancient pyramids that rise from the Sahara Desert. You'll also find the Great Sphinx here, which is one of the most recognizable statues the world over! With some of the most famous ancient sites and artifacts world-round, it's no wonder Egypt is the place to go if you're a history buff. 

Peru Machu Picchu Llama

Go to Peru for the Culture & Ruins

Visiting Lima, Perus capital city, gives you a firsthand understanding of contemporary Peruvian culture that will enrich your time in Cusco, once the capital of the Inca Empire. Spend time in the Sacred Valley in the Andes before taking an excursion to the mystical “lost city” of Machu Picchu.

Costa Rica Monte Verde Cloudforest Rainforest Jungle Suspension Bridge 959853 1920

Nature Lovers Thrive in Costa Rica

Ready for a real (eco) adventure with friends? Costa Rica is an explorer’s dream. With luscious tropical rainforests, wildlife habitats, cloud forests, crater lakes, and palm tree-lined beaches, you can all go ziplining, traverse hanging bridges, hike volcanoes, and see more plant and animal species than you ever thought possible! It's an unbelievable destination for a group of friends to visit. You've got everything everyone might ever want, from sandy beaches, to tropical rainforest. 

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