Three Reasons to Explore Scandinavia

Three Reasons to Explore Scandinavia

There’s so much to love about Scandinavia. From metropolitan capitals to flourishing forests — the region offers unforgettable sights and friendly hospitality. Here are three reasons to explore Scandinavia on a guided tour.

1. Charming Capitals

The Northern European countries of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden make up the Scandinavian Peninsula. The region’s capital cities — Copenhagen, Oslow, and Stockholm — offer rich history and local traditions in a metropolitan atmosphere. Plus, they boast something for every interest — museums, castles, shopping, cuisine, and much more.

The city of Oslo occupies a large area covered by forests, hills, and lakes. Favorite attractions include the famous Opera and medieval fortress of Akershus.

Stockholm is Sweden’s economic and cultural center.  The city, which is a sprawling archipelago of 14 islands, is known for its Royal Palace and waterside City Hall where Nobel Prize banquets are held.

Copenhagen began as a 12th century fishing village. Today, visitors can enjoy a modern city rich in history. Main sights include the 17th century Stock Exchange and the Mermaid Statue commemorating Hans Christian Andersen.

2. Natural Wonders

Venture beyond Scandinavia’s cities and villages and you’ll see some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. The region’s many forests, lakes, waterfalls, and mountains draw visitors from around the world. Perhaps most popular of all are Norway’s dramatic fjords, lined with towering green cliffs and glistening glaciers. Sail along these waters and you’re sure to discover some of the most unforgettable natural beauty on earth.

3. Friendly Locals

Did you know that nearly all Scandinavians speak perfect English?  It’s true.  They’re also known for being exceptionally friendly and open-minded, not to mention hospitable. Being able to connect with the locals while traveling abroad makes your journey that much more inspiring, and is one of the reasons why Scandinavia tops our list.

Ready to explore?  Learn more about our unforgettable journeys in Scandinavia here.

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