Cooking With Barb

Cooking With Barb

Grand European Travel presents our own episodic cooking show, Cooking With Barb, starring our own Expert Travel Specialist Barb Gardner. In each brief video episode, Barb walks you through a different dish gleaned from her vast experience with both travel and culinary technique; watch each episode and follow along at home with Barb's recipes and instructions as you create your own culinary masterpiece. And stay tuned as we unveil more episodes of Cooking With Barb right here! 

Barb Cutting

Episode 1: Shrimp and Grits

A Southern delicacy: comfort food that is easy to make!

Episode 2: Greek Eggplant Moussaka

A Mediterranean classic that is unintimidating and tasty!

Episode 3: Chicken Paprikash

From Hungary to your kitchen: a simple but flavorful dish best served over noodles.

Episode 4: Romesco Sauce

A Catalonian sauce, with bold roasted tomato and pepper flavor.

Episode 5: Beef Bourguignon

The Julia Child classic, perfect for winter months!

Episode 6: Salmon en Papillote

A Pacific Northwest specialty!

Episode 7: Thai Chicken Satay

Get grilling with this tasty and easy Southeast Asia dish!