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England Tours & Packages

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Explore the iconic sites of England on one of our 7-24 day guided tours. Discover the rich history and cultural heritage of this iconic destination. Experience the best of England's landmarks, charming villages, and vibrant cities. Each tour is designed to provide our guests with memorable and immersive experiences that leave lasting memories.

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Where to Go on Tours of England

Embark on a captivating journey in Europe through England and explore a diverse array of destinations on our guided tours. Immerse yourself in the rich history of iconic cities like London, where you can witness the grandeur of Buckingham Palace and the historic Tower of London. Traverse the picturesque landscapes of the Cotswolds, where charming villages and rolling hills await. Escape to the serene Lake District for breathtaking natural beauty and outdoor adventures. Uncover the mysteries of Stonehenge, a timeless marvel that has intrigued generations. Discover the cultural gems of Oxford and Cambridge, home to prestigious universities and architectural wonders. Explore the vibrant cities of Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham, each offering a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity. Here are our top places to visit on a tour of England. Want to learn even more? Check out our expert advice on the best places to go in England, explore all our Great Britain Tours, and shop for tours that visit Scotland too.

Take a Tour of London

London, a treasure trove of cultural wonders, beckons explorers with its rich tapestry of historical landmarks and vibrant experiences. Celebrate Victoria and Albert's legacy and visit one of the many free museums around the city - where a diverse array of art, design, and fashion collections spanning centuries await. The grandeur of Westminster Abbey and the regal Kensington Palace showcase centuries of royal history, while Borough Market tantalizes taste buds with its aromatic array of gourmet delights. Tower Bridge stands as an iconic symbol, alongside the majestic chimes of Big Ben nestled within the Houses of Parliament. Embark on a Scenic Cruise on the Thames from the London Eye to Greenwich, tracing the city's iconic landmarks along the riverbanks, including the storied Buckingham Palace, the residence of the Royal Family. As you traverse London's waterway, the city reveals its grandeur, weaving together the past and present, inviting you to immerse yourself in its captivating narrative of culture, history, and architectural marvels at every turn. Windsor, home to the iconic Windsor Castle, stands as an epitome of royal heritage and grandeur, captivating visitors with its regal charm and rich history. The town's picturesque streets and the majestic castle, an official residence of the British monarchy, create an enchanting atmosphere, inviting exploration into centuries of royal traditions and architectural splendor.

Visit the Cotswolds in England

Discover the Cotswolds, an enchanting tapestry of rolling hills, honey-hued villages, and undisturbed serenity. Quaint stone-built hamlets epitomize its timeless beauty, adorned with picturesque cottages and charming streams. Meander through winding lanes bordered by dry stone walls, immersing yourself in the idyllic countryside. From the tranquility of its meadows to the warmth of its village pubs, the Cotswolds beckon with an irresistible blend of rural elegance and timeless charm, offering a serene escape into a pastoral haven.

England's Lake District

England's Lake District is a stunningly beautiful region that has inspired many artists and poets over the years. With its rolling hills, picturesque valleys, and shimmering lakes, it's no wonder that the likes of William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter found inspiration here. Some of the most famous lakes in the region include Windermere, Coniston Water, and Ullswater, each with its own unique charm and character. Whether you're a lover of nature, art, or literature, the Lake District is a must-visit destination that will leave you feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

Tour Stonehenge on an England Tour

Stonehenge is a famous ring of standing stones built around 3000 BC and located in Wiltshire, England, about 90 miles west of London. The site has attracted visitors for centuries due to its historical and cultural significance. The site is considered to be one of the most important prehistoric monuments in the world and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stonehenge is a place of great religious and cultural importance, and it continues to be a sacred site today. The stone circle is believed to have been used for a variety of purposes, including as a burial ground, a place of worship, and a celestial observatory. Visitors can explore the site's history and significance by taking a guided tour or by visiting the on-site museum. If you're planning a trip to England, a visit to Stonehenge is a must-see attraction. By visiting this ancient site, you'll be able to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the standing stones and learn about the rich history and culture of the area. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with the past and explore one of the world's most important cultural landmarks.

Explore Oxford

A city steeped in scholarly heritage, Oxford exudes an intellectual charm that resonates through its historic streets and world-renowned university. The spires of colleges like Christ Church and Magdalen punctuate the skyline, while the Bodleian Library houses centuries of knowledge. With its blend of medieval architecture, academic prestige, and cultural richness, Oxford invites exploration into its revered legacy of learning and culture.


York is a historic city with a rich cultural heritage, and there's no shortage of attractions to visit. Some of the best things to do are to see York Minster, England’s largest medieval cathedral and the Shambles, a picturesque medieval street with overhanging timber-framed buildings that's perfect for taking photos.


Visit the incredibly well-preserved Roman Baths. Discover 2000 years of history and learn how this hub of culture is pioneering new educational investments to benefit the community. Its school educational program actively supports local schools and students to learn about the cultural heritage of the region. Other top sites to see while in Bath include the Royal Crescent, Pulteney Bridge and Bath Abbey.

The Beatle’s Liverpool

Liverpool, a city synonymous with music, culture, history, and maritime heritage, beckons with its vibrant spirit along the River Mersey. The iconic Albert Dock showcases maritime history and contemporary art at Tate Liverpool. Delve into the legacy of The Beatles or explore the revitalized Georgian Quarter's architectural splendor. From the lively music scene to its UNESCO-listed waterfront, Liverpool pulsates with a dynamic blend of heritage, creativity, and a proud identity shaped by its illustrious past.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tours of England

  • What is the best time of year to tour England?
    The best time to tour England is typically during late spring (May to June) and early autumn (September to October). During these months, the weather is generally pleasant, with mild temperatures, blooming flora, and fewer crowds compared to peak summer months. This period offers ideal conditions for exploring England's attractions, enjoying outdoor activities, and experiencing cultural events without the overwhelming tourist rush. Additionally, accommodations may be more readily available and more affordable during these shoulder seasons, providing a more relaxed and enjoyable travel experience.
  • What are some must-see attractions/top sites in England?
    England boasts a wealth of iconic attractions showcasing its diverse heritage and natural beauty. Bath, renowned for its Georgian architecture and the ancient Roman Baths, invites exploration of its well-preserved historical sites. Bristol offers the vibrant harborside, the historic SS Great Britain, and an eclectic arts scene. In Plymouth, delve into maritime history at the Mayflower Steps and the Royal William Yard. The birthplace of Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, brims with Tudor charm and cultural significance. The Lake District captivates with its picturesque landscapes, ideal for hiking and enjoying serene lakes like Windermere. The Cotswolds, with its honey-hued villages, epitomizes rural beauty and tranquility. In London, Westminster Abbey embodies centuries of history, while Buckingham Palace, the residence of the Royal Family, fascinates visitors with its regal charm. And, of course, the enigmatic Stonehenge stands as an ancient marvel, inviting contemplation of its mysterious origins. These must-see attractions across England offer a glimpse into the country's rich history, cultural heritage, and natural splendor, promising unforgettable experiences for travelers seeking diverse and captivating destinations.
  • What are the Cotswolds best known for?
    The Cotswolds, an area of outstanding natural beauty in England, is renowned for its quintessential charm. It's best known for its stunning rural scenery, traditional market towns, charming stone-built villages like Bibury and Bourton-on-the-Water, and its preservation of unspoiled, timeless beauty. The Cotswolds encapsulate a serene and timeless ambiance that draws visitors seeking a glimpse into quintessential English countryside life.
  • How many days are needed to tour England?
    Touring England in its entirety within a comprehensive and meaningful way ideally requires at least 2 to 3 weeks. However, for a cursory overview or to explore a few specific cities or regions, a shorter visit of around 7 to 10 days can suffice. The duration ultimately depends on your preferences and the depth of exploration desired within England's diverse landscapes, historic sites, and cultural offerings.
  • How do I start planning a trip to England?
    Start planning your trip to England by outlining your interests and preferred destinations. Research iconic landmarks, cities, and regions. Determine your travel dates, considering weather, events, and seasonal attractions. Create a flexible itinerary, allocating time for major attractions, leisure, and travel between locations. Book flights and accommodations in advance for better deals. Consider transport options within England, such as trains or rental cars. Check visa requirements and ensure necessary travel documents. Lastly, embrace the local culture by researching customs, local cuisine, and unique experiences to enrich your journey.
  • What to do in England for a week?
    Spend a week in England exploring a mix of vibrant cities and scenic countryside. Start in London, visiting iconic landmarks like the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and the British Museum. Stroll along the Thames River and enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of Covent Garden. Next, travel to Bath to marvel at the ancient Roman Baths and elegant Georgian architecture. Journey to Stonehenge for an intriguing glimpse into prehistoric mysteries. Then, venture into the picturesque Cotswolds, exploring charming villages like Bourton-on-the-Water and enjoying scenic walks in the countryside. Visit Oxford for its historic university buildings, libraries, and quaint streets. Finally, immerse yourself in Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare, discovering sites like Shakespeare's Birthplace and Anne Hathaway's Cottage.
  • Can I visit England without a passport?
    No, you cannot visit England without a passport if you are traveling from outside the United Kingdom (UK). For most international travelers, a valid passport is necessary to enter England and the wider UK. It's important to ensure that each traveler's passport contains at least three blank visa pages and is valid for six months after the completion of your tour. Always verify specific entry requirements and travel documentation before planning your trip to England.
  • Can you visit Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, on a tour of England?
    Yes, Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon is a popular tourist destination and is often included in tours of England. Stratford-upon-Avon is easily accessible from various parts of England, including London, and it's a significant cultural and historical site, drawing visitors from around the world. Including it in an England tour allows travelers to delve into Shakespeare's history, explore the charming town, and immerse themselves in the legacy of one of the world's greatest playwrights.
  • Is Chelsea Flower Show worth it?
    Yes. The Chelsea Flower Show is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious and iconic flower shows in the world. The show features stunning displays of flowers, plants, and gardens created by top designers and horticulturists. If you have a keen interest in gardening and appreciate innovative and beautiful designs, you are likely to find the show worth it.
  • What is the difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom?
    Great Britain is made up of three countries: England, Scotland, and Wales. These countries are located on the island of Great Britain, which is the largest island in the British Isles. Whereas the United Kingdom (UK) consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

Why You Should Visit England on a Guided Tour

Visiting England on a guided tour offers a curated and enriching experience, providing access to expert knowledge, hidden gems, and hassle-free exploration. Expert guides offer historical context, fascinating stories, and local insights, enhancing visits to iconic landmarks like Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, and the Lake District. Guided tours streamline logistics, optimizing time and ensuring efficient travel between destinations. This allows for comprehensive itineraries covering diverse landscapes, historic sites, and cultural hotspots in England, from London's vibrant cosmopolitanism to the tranquil beauty of the Cotswolds. With transportation, accommodation, and itinerary planning taken care of, guided tours offer convenience, comfort, and the opportunity to immerse oneself fully in England's diverse tapestry of experiences, making for a memorable and well-rounded exploration of this captivating country.

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