14+ Reasons to Take a Guided Tour

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Simply the best way to travel

Fun, affordable, and enjoyable travel arranged for you, not by you.

If you're looking for a fun, affordable, and enjoyable way to travel, guided tours have never looked better. Now, more than ever, having an expert by your side to help navigate the ever-changing logistics of travel means you don't have to. Our team is here as your knowledgeable and well-prepared Travel Specialists who help handle everything, so you can simply focus on having fun. And we mean everything: your booking, flights, insurance, finding the best hotels, enjoying the finest meals, seeing those must-see sights, and comfortable transportation from one place to the next are all taken care of by our global team of travel experts. So every day, you're free to sit back and relax, be in the moment, and enjoy your destination.

Going Guided: Why a Tour Might Be the Better Choice for You

What you should know if you’re considering a guided vacation versus traveling independently

Everyone travels differently. For some, it’s all about flying solo. For others, it means having a few companions. While there are many misconceptions about vacation tours, the reality is there are plenty of perks that can lead to a great experience with the guided travel option. It all comes down to what you need for your personal experience.

A Guided Vacation is Simply That: Guided, Not Controlled, Nor Set in Stone

Your guided travel experience is completely up to you. It’s truly the best of both worlds: everything you want to do and free time to do whatever you want. A great trip, especially overseas, is all about balance when it comes to exploration, seeing the big sites, going off the beaten path, having free time, going somewhere you never would have gone on your own, and "pinch me" moments are exactly what guided vacations offer. And then some...

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1. All of the Fun - None of the Worry

While the world is opening up again, travel logistics are more complicated than ever. Regulations about getting to your destination, exploring local attractions, and evening dining may change at a moment’s notice. On a guided tour, you never have to handle the details on your own. We monitor travel in the air and on the ground and handle all the logistics for you.

2. Independent Travel = Planning (+ Everything Else) is On Your Own

Research, transportation, sightseeing, hotel, food, and more add up to daunting tasks that are solely on you when traveling independently. If you’re up for it, even thrilled at the thought of all that planning, independent travel might be right for you. However, many people traveling overseas, especially to countries that speak a foreign language, might prefer guidance on the best places to stay, eat, and visit during a trip.

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3. Save Time and Money

With more time and a lot of effort, you could organize everything we do for you on your own. Contrary to what many believe, you can actually save money when traveling with a group. Here’s the rub: we’ve got the buying power no individual can harness. You’ll save money with us — which means more cash in your wallet for whatever strikes your fancy along your travels.

It’s about finding a guided tour or river cruise that fits your travel style and your budget within our exclusive great value vacation collection of sought-after itineraries - from budget-friendly to luxurious. More often than not, as a travel company, we have great contracts with local operators, museums, hotels, restaurants, and more, which creates the utmost value for your vacation.

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4. We Know Because We Go

Each tour is accompanied by a Travel Director, an expert with their finger on the pulse of your destination. That means no unpleasant surprises, language barriers, or stress. Simply worry-free travel. There’ll be no unpleasant surprises because an attraction is closed or confusion about how to handle the tip.

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5. Don't Just See It - Live It

Tourists see it. Travelers experience it. On a tour, you’re a traveler, and you’ll go way beyond the guidebooks, like learning to shuck oysters on a seafood farm on the Croatian coast. Or exploring the Sistine Chapel after it's closed to the public, topped off with a private dinner surrounded by the treasures of the Vatican Museum. We make that, and plenty more, happen.

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6. Relax, We've Got You

Imagine this… Everything organized for you: the best hotels, the finest meals, must-see sights, the best experiences, and comfortable transportation from one place to the next. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery. Now that’s what we call traveling.

7. 100+ Years of Experience

Travel with the confidence of knowing you're in the best possible hands. Our story is 101 years in the making, and Grand European Travel is your go-to resource for insider access to the internationally renowned and awarded-wining travel brands owned and operated by The Travel Corporation (TTC). Thanks to an expert global network spanning seven continents, you get our unmatched knowledge and personal service, still through a family-run and operated company.

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8. You're Our #1 Priority

Safety is still top-of mind, no matter where in the world you travel. We’re continuously adapting our hygiene and distancing protocols to meet the highest standards and local requirements. Our tours are accompanied by a Wellbeing Director, who is on hand to share information and oversee health protocols.

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9. When in Rome...

Who do you ask if you want to know where to find the best of everything? Someone who lives there, of course. See the world’s greatest cities through the eyes of real locals. It’s like having a friend show you their favorite places.

10. Going Guided Means No Navigating Language Barriers

When you choose to travel on a guided tour, your Travel Director is always on hand with a recommendation. They're there to help smooth the way with introductions and in-depth information about the destination. Our Travel Directors are fluent in the local language and communicate with local vendors, farmers, and artisans - ensuring that nothing is lost in translation and that you get the most authentic experiences. 

When you travel independently, it's up to you to navigate the language barriers. And trust us, we've all stood on a street corner or two, completely lost, trying to parse together a logical sentence about how to get back to our hotel. Or found out, after the fact, that we missed an incredible local site that we may never have found on our own, let alone had entry already taken care of before we got there.

Like we said, we know because we go. Group travel means having someone there for your safety and getting the most out of your trip and particular destination. After all, that’s the whole point.

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11. More Than a Meal

Food is life. And traveling is all about indulging this most delicate of senses. Sample tapas alongside Sevillanos in Spain. Rendezvous with a cognac maker at Rémy Martin and sip the wares. Or join nonna in Alberobello, in Italy’s Apulia region, to learn the secrets of perfecting the perfect gnocchi followed by a family-hosted meal you’ll never forget. From thoughtful vegetarian options to seasonal specialties in amazing locations, you’ll sip, savor and sense the local flair at every meal.

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12. Skip the Lines

Expertly trained, enthusiastic, and experienced, your Travel Directors take care of every little detail behind the scenes. Is your must-see attraction open for visitors? See that line of people waiting to get into the Louvre? Forget standing in line for hours, we’ve got VIP access to all the big attractions, and we’re not afraid to use it. 

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13. Like-Minded Companions = Friends for Life

Traveling with a small group adds another element to your vacation. The people you’re with are there for the same reason as you: to experience another culture, have fun and create amazing memories. No wonder so many guests stay in touch.

Everyone you travel with will have at least one thing in common: You’re all looking for a safe and enriching way to explore the world. This creates a genuine bond between group members, sometimes one that lasts even after your trip. At times, independent travel can be lonely. You’re far from home, constantly on the alert, doing real-time planning, researching, and looking for the next attraction, train, or restaurant on your own. To some, this solo aspect may seem attractive. To others, it might be less than ideal to feel isolated while navigating a foreign country.

14. Help Navigating Cultural Subtleties

Travel Directors are in the know about cultural norms and etiquette, which is crucial in helping to avoid misunderstandings and showing respect to local customs. In many destinations, there are specific behaviors, gestures, and practices that are deeply rooted in tradition and culture. For instance, what might be considered a friendly gesture in one country could be seen as offensive in another.

A knowledgeable Travel Director provides invaluable information on these nuances, such as appropriate dress codes for visiting religious sites, the correct way to greet locals, and acceptable dining etiquette. For example, in some cultures, it’s customary to remove your shoes before entering a home or temple, while in others, tipping may be considered rude or unnecessary.

Understanding these cultural subtleties not only helps in avoiding unintentional disrespect but also enriches the travel experience by fostering genuine connections with local people. It allows travelers to engage more deeply and authentically with the culture, gaining a better appreciation for the destination.

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You Should Choose a Guided Tour if You:

  • Would like to see a particular country but don’t know where to start
  • Don’t speak the language of the place you are visiting
  • Want to see as many destinations as you can in a short time
  • Want to make lifelong friendships with fellow travelers
  • Hope to be well-educated about the destinations and attractions you’re visiting
  • Are overwhelmed by the thought of researching everything yourself
  • Are concerned about transportation and lodging in an unfamiliar place
  • Hope to get the most financial value from your getaway
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