The Best Anti-Theft Travel Accessories

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One of the joys of traveling is getting out of our comfort zone and experiencing new things. Doing this with an open heart and an open mind invites some of the best experiences and interactions the world has to offer.

That open-hearted sense of adventure has to be tempered with a bit of caution, though. As an American abroad, you will attract interest from pickpockets and petty thieves who hope to capitalize on your perceived lack of local street smarts and a fat wallet. Even the savviest and experienced travelers are occasionally victims, so take steps to minimize your risk.

Anti-Theft Travel Accessories to Keep You and Your Property Safe

Cable Lock

A metal cable lock gives peace of mind when you’re lingering on a beach, dozing on a train, or sitting at a café. Loop the cable through a strap of your daypack or purse and around something immobile. It will prevent purse-snatchers from running off with your stuff. 

Anti-Theft Backpack

Get a daypack that has hidden zippers and hidden pockets and is slash-resistant fabric. Try to find one with reflective safety stripes to help you stay safe at night while out and about. 

Waist Stash

A pick-pocket-proof multi-pocket money belt is the classic travel security device. With room for passport, cards, and cash, wear it discretely inside your pants. If you can find one with RFID technology, you'll be protected from digital predators. Smart travelers split up their valuables. It's smart to store your valuables and larger amounts of money in your waist belt even smarted to keep a "decoy" wallet for routine purchases, with a small amount of cash and some expired credit cards. Plus, in case of a confrontation, you can safely hand over the decoy.

Tile & Tracking Devices

These Bluetooth-enabled devices, about the size of a mini, LED flashlight, were developed to find misplaced items like keys and phones. They can also be used as tracking devices for stolen items. When you notice something’s missing, press a button on the phone app to activate a loud alarm. If the item is within 100-200 feet, the device will beep. If it’s your phone that’s missing, press a button on the device to ring the phone. The sudden alarm may encourage the thief to drop it and run. If the item is out of range, the app shows you its most recent location. 

Portable Lockbox

Who would have thought to pack a small portable safe to secure to something immobile? A lockbox can hold a phone, wallet, documents, and jewelry. Plus, most lock with a resettable 3-digit combination or key.

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