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Greek Island Hopper

10 Day Greek tour of Mykonos & Santorini

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Tours of Santorini, Greece
10 Days
1 Country


3 Cities

Athens, Santorini, Mykonos

12 Meals

3 Dinners, 9 Breakfasts


Mainly 2 and 3 night stays in each location. Comfortable travel days with numerous stops. Requires walking to participate in top sites.

Average group size average 40-45
Tour brand Trafalgar
Trafalgar Hero Greece Athens Drinks


If you like hassle free travel with everything handled for you – looking to meet great people, eat great food, enjoy great sightseeing, and have immersive experiences, Trafalgar is for you.  From the iconic not-to-be-missed to one-of-a-kind local experiences, including Be-my-Guest dining and stays with stories, you’ll connect deeper to your destination, and every tour has at least one MAKE TRAVEL MATTER immersive impact experience included advancing one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), offering you the chance to take a deep dive into culture and community. As the world’s leading tour company and trusted by more than 5 million guests, Trafalgar tours are simply the best value for your vacation dollar.

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Slow the world right down when you board this Greek island hop and experience how the locals enjoy life on the islands of Santorini and Mykonos. Your journey begins and ends in lively Athens where there’s plenty of time to explore ancient treasures and see all the sights.

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Average group size
average 40-45
Tour brand
Globe Black

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Day-by-day itinerary
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Day 1

Welcome to Athens

Ease into a simpler way of life – the intoxicatingly slow pace of the Cycladic islands is the ultimate departure from reality, but not before you enjoy a passionate encounter with Athens after being transferred to your hotel. Join your Travel Director and fellow travelers for a Light Meal to kick off your At Leisure discovery of Greece's capital and the enchanting islands of Mykonos and Santorini.

Filopappou Hill Parthenon Acropolis in Athens, Greece
Accommodation Divani Caravel
Included Meals Dinner

Day 2

Explore Ancient Athens

Embark on a journey to antiquity with your Local Specialist who will take you to the Acropolis, a sacred site since Mycenaen times. Imagine Athenians ascending the hilltop shrine to worship Athena at the Parthenon, and see the Panathinaiko Olympic stadium, the Temple of Zeus and Hadrian's Arch. Admire the pom-pom march of the Evzone guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, then spend the rest of the day on your own soaking up the verve of this vibrant city.

Temple Parthenon in Athens, Greece
Accommodation Divani Caravel
Included Meals Breakfast
Iconic Experience View of Athens, Greece
Athens City Tour Learn more

Athens City Tour

Day 3

Cruise to Santorini

We depart Athens and cruise to Santorini, where we'll spend the next three days exploring the island's dramatic beauty. Stroll through the volcanic island's quaint clifftop towns. Blue-domed whitewashed façades cling dramatically to the multi-colored cliffs providing a spectacular backdrop for exquisite sunsets. Join your companions this evening for a memorable meal of Greek cuisine.

Cruise Ship in Ocean
Accommodation El Greco Resort & Spa Santorini
Included Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Iconic Experience A Church in Santorini, Greece
Santorini Orientation Learn more

Santorini Orientation

Day 4

Santorini Your Way

View the magnificent caldera, see the island's ancient ruins or ramble through the winding streets of Fira and Oia - today is yours to enjoy a leisurely exploration of this beautiful island on your own. Indulge in a day of sunbathing and relaxation on one of its many beaches or shop up a storm at its boutique stores.

Octopus in Santorini, Greece
Accommodation El Greco Resort & Spa Santorini
Included Meals Breakfast

Day 5

Enjoy Sunny Santorini

Consider an optional visit to a local winery to toast to the spellbinding beauty of Santorini and learn about the art of winemaking in the region. Then consider a ride in a caïque (sailing boat) to the volcanic island of Nea Kameni to swim in its glorious hot springs - another full day at leisure to relax and soak up the island's atmosphere.

Harbour at Ammoudi in Santorini, Greece
Accommodation El Greco Resort & Spa Santorini
Included Meals Breakfast

Day 6

Cruise to Mykonos

We take a short ferry transfer to Mykonos - its characteristic hillside windmills overlook the beautiful bay and stand as an enduring greeting to all who arrive. Enjoy an orientation before spending the rest of your day getting lost amidst the island's labyrinthine lanes, lined with whitewashed cottages and tumbling cerise bougainvillea. Take to the playground of the rich and famous and perhaps experience the island's vibrant nightlife.

Windmills in Mykonos, Greece
Accommodation Rhenia Mykonos Hotel & Bungalows
Included Meals Breakfast, Dinner
Iconic Experience Street and houses in Mykonos, Greece
Explore Mykonos Learn more

Explore Mykonos

Day 7

Admire Mykonos

Set your watch to island time and enjoy a glorious day soaking up the laid-back vibe of Mykonos. Spend your day relaxing on its beautiful beaches, sip champagne in the picturesque Little Venice waterside, or visit some of its historical treasures, including the 17th-century Church of the Paraportiani, the Archaeological Museum and the Aegean Maritime Museum.

Chairs and tables in Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece
Accommodation Rhenia Mykonos Hotel & Bungalows
Included Meals Breakfast

Day 8

Marvel at Mykonos

Kick back and enjoy another idyllic day in beautiful surrounds. Indulge in local seafood flavors, enjoy a leisurely swim in the calm waters of the Aegean or consider a trip to see the mythical sanctuary of Delos, believed by the ancients to be the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo.

Street and Houses in Mykonos, Greece
Accommodation Rhenia Mykonos Hotel & Bungalows
Included Meals Breakfast

Day 9

Cruise to Athens

We return to Athens, via a high-speed ferry. After being transferred to your hotel, you have free time for some last-minute souvenir shopping.

Plaka District in Athens, Greece
Accommodation Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens
Included Meals Breakfast

Day 10

Farewell Athens

Say a fond farewell to Greece and your newfound friends as you are transferred to the airport for the flight home. 

View of Athens, Greece
Included Meals Breakfast

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Included Highlights

Top rated highlights

Learn more about the landmarks, history and culture that makes your destination special.

Iconic Experience
Athens City Tour Learn more
Iconic Experience
Santorini Orientation Learn more
Iconic Experience
Explore Mykonos Learn more

Optional Experiences

Sign up on tour for additional experiences that have been curated by your Travel Director from their own in-depth local knowledge.

Cape Sounion
Learn more

Cape Sounion

Dinner "Meze" Style in Psiri with Acropolis Illuminations
Learn more

Dinner "Meze" Style in Psiri with Acropolis Illuminations

Traditional Greek Wedding Show
Learn more

Traditional Greek Wedding Show

Santorini Island Tour With Visit To Akrotiri
Learn more

Santorini Island Tour With Visit To Akrotiri

Essence of Thera with Akrotiri and Oia Visit
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Essence of Thera with Akrotiri and Oia Visit

Sunset On Board
Learn more

Sunset On Board

Mykonos Island Tour
Learn more

Mykonos Island Tour

Ancient Delos
Learn more

Ancient Delos

Traditional Greek Taverna Meal With Entertainment
Learn more

Traditional Greek Taverna Meal With Entertainment

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Official Language in Greece: Greek
  • Currency used in Greece: Euro (€)
  • Capital of Greece: Athens
  • Time Zone(s) in Greece: Eastern European Time Zone (EET), Eastern European Summer Time (EEST)


Greece passport, visa, and entry requirement information for US citizens.

  • Passport: Your passport should have at least two blank pages for entry stamps. Your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the conclusion of your trip
  • Visa Requirement: A visa is not required to enter Greece
  • Entry Requirements: You can see the most up-to-date entry requirements for the destination(s) you’ll visit on tour by going to

Greece has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Summers in Greece are typically long and hot, with average temperatures ranging from 25°C to 35°C (77°F to 95°F). The country receives abundant sunshine during this season. Winters are generally mild, with temperatures averaging between 8°C and 15°C (46°F and 59°F), but colder conditions can be experienced in mountainous areas. Rainfall is highest during the winter months, while summers are generally dry.

On-Tour Luggage & Carry-On Bag Size Limits

Luggage: Each guest traveling may bring one suitcase no larger than 30” x 18” x 10" and weighing no more than 50 lb

Carry-On Bag: *Restricted to one piece per person, not to exceed 12” x 11” x 6”

  • *Please note: A "carry-on bag" on a tour coach is not the same as a "carry-on" for a flight. Because our coaches have large windows to enjoy the view, there is minimal space to store large items securely overhead or under the seats. A "carry-on bag" may be a soft-sided daypack, purse, backpack, tote bag, or the like. Because we value our guests' safety, small rolling suitcases or bags with telescopic handles are not permitted. In order to guarantee a smooth trip, guests are not permitted to store an additional "carry-on" bag beneath the coach with the luggage. 

So your driver and any hotel porters can safely lift and transport your suitcase throughout your vacation, we strongly recommend that you test the weight of your baggage prior to travel. You should be able to lift and comfortably transport it for short distances. 

Baggage allowances vary from airline to airline, and you should check with your chosen carrier for details prior to travel.

Packing Tips for Your Tour

Packing for a guided tour will vary depending on the duration of the trip, the time of year, and the activities planned. Here is a general packing list to help you get started:

Passport and Travel Documents: Ensure you have your passport, travel insurance, and any necessary travel documents.


  • Comfortable walking shoes: Cobblestone streets and uneven terrain require comfortable footwear.
  • Lightweight, breathable clothing: Pack clothes suitable for the season. Bring a mix of short-sleeved tops, lightweight pants or skirts, and a few long-sleeved options for cooler evenings for the summer months, and long-sleeved and heavier layers for early Spring, Fall, and Winter.
  • Layers: It's advisable to bring a light jacket or sweater and a scarf for layering, especially in Spring or Fall.
  • Nice evening wear: You may wish to wear a dressier outfit if you plan on dining in an elegant restaurant, for example. Smart-casual clothes are usually acceptable for all included daytime and evening activities throughout your tour.
  • Rain Gear: Depending on the season and the countries you're visiting, it's a good idea to pack a compact rain jacket or umbrella.

Sun Protection:

  • Hat, sunglasses, UV-protective clothing.
  • Sunscreen with high SPF. If you're visiting any coastal areas, bring reef-safe sunscreen formulated without harmful chemicals known to be damaging to coral reefs and marine life. Traditional sunscreens often contain ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate, which have been found to contribute to coral bleaching and negatively impact marine ecosystems. Look for sunscreens with certifications such as "Reef Safe," "Coral Safe," or "Ocean-Friendly" to ensure they are environmentally friendly.

Medications and First Aid:

  • Any prescription medications you need. (See more below under Health & Wellness)
  • Basic first aid kit with adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, etc.


  • Travel-sized toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, soap, and toothpaste.
  • Travel towel (quick-drying and compact).
  • Hand sanitizer and wet wipes.
  • A washcloth and carry bag (often not available in hotels abroad).


  • A camera: You’re traveling to see extraordinary scenery and sites. So that you don't miss a single moment, bring a trustworthy camera. Check out our travel photography tips for capturing the best photos of your trips. If you feel comfortable, you can also try the camera on your phone. However, if you want to zoom in or capture moving objects, a camera might be your best bet.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Chargers for each electronic you bring.
  • Travel adapter and/or voltage converter
  • Portable power bank for charging devices on the go.
  • Small travel hair dryer (make sure you have the correct converter and adapter).


  • A travel-friendly daypack or bag to carry your essentials during excursions.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Reusable water bottle. At GET, we’re all about caring for our planet, and with that in mind, we always recommend that you pack a reusable water bottle for your trip. Bringing your own reusable water bottle or asking for tap water at restaurants means you can make a difference by reducing your vacation plastic waste.
  • A small travel alarm.
  • A travel iron if you like your clothes to be pressed.
  • A travel pillow.


  • Scarf or shawl for visiting religious sites or to cover up in conservative areas.
  • Light sleepwear.
  • A new, blank journal to document your trip. Don't know your travel journal style? Find out here!
  • Ziplock bags (storing snacks, toiletries, and keeping things organized).

Remember to pack light and versatile items that can be mixed and matched for different outfits. Laundry facilities are often available, or you can have your clothes laundered at hotels during your trip. It's also a good idea to pack a small bag or backpack to bring on the coach for day trips and excursions, leaving your larger luggage at the hotel.


American appliances run on 110-120 volts at 60 Hz, while European appliances run on 220-230 volts at 50 Hz.

As a result, American appliances designed for use in the United States (typically 120 volts at 60 Hz) may not be directly compatible with the higher voltage used in European countries. Plugging a 120-volt appliance into a 220-240-volt outlet without the appropriate voltage converter or transformer can cause damage to the appliance or pose safety risks.

If you plan to bring American appliances to Europe, you will need a voltage converter or transformer to change the voltage to 220-240 volts from 110 volts. Additionally, you will likely need a plug adapter to fit the American-style plug into the European power outlets. All of Europe operates on the same two round-pronged outlets (Type C).

It's important to note that not all appliances are compatible with voltage converters, so it's essential to check the labels or user manuals of your devices before using them with a voltage converter. Some electronic devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and camera chargers, are dual voltage and can support 120V and 220-240V, so they may not require a voltage converter, but a plug adapter will still be necessary.

To avoid any issues with electrical compatibility during your travels, consider purchasing appliances specifically designed for the voltage used in the region you'll be visiting or use appropriate voltage converters and plug adapters to ensure the safe operation of your American appliances in Europe.

We recommend purchasing an adapter with a voltage converter so you can pack less. And to pick up any necessary adapters or converters for your electronic devices before departing on your guided tour and bringing them with you.

Hair Dryers in Your Hotel

Hair dryers are common accessories in hotels. Should you want to bring your own, though, you will need to bring an adapter and voltage converter or make sure it is dual voltage by checking the label for INPUT AC 120V - 240V or a switch that can be set to 125V or 250V. Many devices have this feature, so it's worth checking before you travel. If you need a hair dryer during your trip but can't find one in your hotel room, you can inquire with the hotel staff. Many hotels will be able to provide a hair dryer upon request, either at the front desk or through housekeeping.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is commonly available in European hotels, restaurants, and public spaces, especially in major cities and tourist areas, but it is worth noting that the settings will differ from what you are used to in the USA.

However, it's important to note that not all accommodations or historic buildings may have air conditioning, particularly in more traditional or rural settings. Most hotels in Europe can provide a portable fan for additional room cooling if requested. Your Travel Director will be on hand to assist you throughout your trip.

Traveling by coach

Our modern air-conditioned coaches have been selected with your comfort in mind. Your Travel Director will familiarize you with all the onboard features, including a washroom fitted for your convenience and comfort. Regular stops are made to stretch your legs, take refreshments, fill up your water bottles, and use the facilities.

Airport transfers

Airport transfers to and from the airport on the first and last days of your tour are complimentary only if you are traveling on a tour operated by Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, or Luxury Gold and your flight times coincide with the shuttle-coach transfer timings. Learn more about Airport Transfers here.

To enable you to personalize your tour experience, you will find a number of Optional Experiences designed to complement the itinerary. These are designed to offer a deeper insight into the culture and character of the areas to be visited and provide some wonderful highlights to your travels. The optional program is designed to let you experience more of what interests you and to get the most from your vacation without replacing or overlapping with anything included in an itinerary.

The majority of Optional Experiences will be offered to you by your Travel Director at the beginning of your trip. Some may be subject to change, depending on the time you are traveling or local circumstances, including weather and days of the week. Your Travel Director will provide further information.

Usually, most Optional Experiences will be priced in the local currency, but please read through the details of individual optional experiences for specific information. Exact payment options will be advised locally by your Travel Director/Local Representative for each Optional Experience, but in many cases, cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are all accepted.

It is recommended to have travel insurance that covers medical expenses while abroad.

In order to ensure a healthy and enjoyable trip, we strongly suggest that you pack a plentiful supply of any medication you may need while on vacation. Here’s what you need to know about traveling with medications.

Prior to traveling, please notify GET of any disability requiring special assistance or any specific dietary needs that you may have, and we will strive to accommodate these.

It's essential to ensure that your routine vaccinations are up-to-date before traveling to any destination. Routine vaccinations may include vaccinations for measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, and influenza.

When traveling with GET, baggage handling at hotels, service charges, and tips for hotel wait staff (for included meals) will all be taken care of by your Travel Director. There are, however, a few instances where individual tipping is welcome.

Local Specialists

It is customary to show appreciation for the insights, stories, and know-how shared with you by the Local Specialists, and we suggest a gratuity equivalent to $1.00-$2.00 USD per person per half day.

Your Coach Driver and Travel Director

The trip cost does not include gratuities for your Travel Director and Driver. At the end of your trip, you may express appreciation to your Travel Director and Driver for their excellent service and the personal attention you received. Gratuities are given at the discretion of each guest, and a suggested amount per person/per day is listed in your travel documents.

For your convenience and ease, there is an option to pre-pay gratuities for the Travel Director and Driver at the time of booking.

Hotel services

It is customary to tip hotel staff for room service delivery if the charge has not already been added to the bill. Where ice machines are not available, and you receive ice from the bar, a small tip to the bartender is always appreciated.

Independent Reviews
Trusted Customer
Review date: Monday, October 2, 2023
Booking was smooth, called later to add information to booking, agent was very helpful.
The travel director was phenomenal.
Julie Brown
Review date: Friday, May 19, 2023
I had a lot of questions and found the representative very responsive.
It was full! I saw so much and met great people. I especially loved the food and the wine tasting!
Bonnie Briggle
Review date: Monday, July 4, 2022
All reservation details handled efficiently and easily
Response from Grand European Travel:
It sounds like you had a marvelous time on your Greek Island Hopper tour. We are so happy we were able to help you plan your trip. Thank you for your feedback and kind words. We appreciate it!
Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Excellent guide, beautiful scenery, wonderful food!
Cynthia Mitchell
Review date: Wednesday, June 29, 2022
The whole process was super easy. They were always available to answer any and all questions I had
Response from Grand European Travel:
We are thrilled to have been able to help you plan your Greek Island Hopper tour. It sounds like you had a fabulous time and will have memories to last a lifetime. Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it!
Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Our tour guide, Dimitri was excellent! He cared for each and every family as if it was his own. Handled extras for our group when asked and went out of his way to make our trip unforgettable! Highly recommend!
Trusted Customer
Review date: Sunday, August 22, 2021
Very easy to book. Barbara was extremely helpful in explaining the details of the trip.
Response from Grand European Travel:
Thank you for sharing your experience about your trip and the ease of booking with Barbara. We will be sure to share your comments with her.
Friday, August 27, 2021
Ross was the best tour director we have ever had. He made our trip much more enjoyable with his suggestions.
Charles Helein
Review date: Friday, September 27, 2019
Yes I would use again, the agent was knowledgeable, courteous, forthcoming, patient, and helpful. making a change from previous plan was seamless with no problems
Athens was a surprise, Mykonos and Santorini were not.
Kathleen Anderson
Review date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Patient and answered all questions.
Hotel room in Athens was dirty and carpet was horrible. Islands were spectacular. Would have liked more information on side trips prior to leaving . For example... hot springs was sulphuric.
Trusted Customer
Review date: Sunday, July 8, 2018
Niko our travel director was great but I felt our extra options where not organized and did not match our original plans.
Response from Grand European Travel:
We appreciate your feedback and will be sure to share them with our Operations Team in Athens. We are glad that overall you enjoyed the expertise of Niko and the beauty of Greece.
Monday, July 9, 2018
Overall had a great experience. I did not like the alcohol drinks purchase at the restaurants. The wine that was free at dinners tasted awful.
Trusted Customer
Review date: Saturday, May 12, 2018
Telephone customer service was good.
Poor service by Trafalgar. We were combined with the cost saver group and were given less desirable rooms and travel director than the cost saver group. The Cost Saver guest received better service and paid much less then us. Nothing about this tour stood up to the tour we took in the past with Grand European. Will not travel with this company again.
Response from Grand European Travel:
Thank you for your honest review.  Our Guest Relations team is researching this with our office in Athens and will be in touch with you as soon as we have more information.
Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Nichole Cook
Review date: Sunday, October 22, 2017
Our Tour Director was unbelievable— one of the reasons we loved the trip so much. Highly disappointed no one ever told us we’d be going with Trafalgar instead of Grand European Tours. I understand they are sister companies, but it felt very dishonest when we found out the day of arrival. The trip itself was beautifully orchestrated. We were not a fan of the hotel accommodations in Athens. They did not compare to the caliber of hotels we stayed in on the islands. That was a big complaint from the whole group.
It was a lot of money, but I felt like I got VIP service everywhere. The hotel in Athens was less than easy on the eyes. I was glad most of the trip was spent in other hotels.
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