Barb Gardner

During the 10 years Barb lived in Europe, she traveled extensively across the continent and in Russia. “Now I use my wide spectrum of personal travel experiences to tailor-make a perfect trip for each of our guests,” Barb says.

Barb has been with us for more than 15 years and still finds it refreshing to talk with people who haven’t traveled much or are planning their first major vacation experience. She starts by asking where you want to go, how long you are planning to be away, whether you have a budget in mind, and whether you want a more leisurely pace or are trying to see as much as you can in one trip. Barb will then recommend vacation itineraries that are a “best fit” for you.

She also uses her personal travel experience to help you find the “hidden gems” along your journey. “I encourage guests to check out guidebooks for the cities and regions they are visiting. You’ll get a pulse on local activities you may enjoy and can pick out restaurants or cafés for your free evenings.”

Experiencing local cuisine is one of Barb’s passions – she was a professional chef! That’s one of the reasons she recommends visiting San Sebastian, home to world-renowned restaurants headed by innovative chefs.

Barb agrees San Sebastian is a real “foodie city” offering exciting regional specialties in an idyllic setting on the sparkling Bay Biscay in Spain’s mountainous Basque region. “Everyone needs to go to San Sebastian at least once,” Barb says. You can experience this charming city on Trafalgar’s 11-day Northern Spain or 15-day Best of Spain guided vacation.

If you’re a connoisseur of fine food and world-class wine, Barb also recommends checking out our collection of culinary adventures.

Barb's Top Trips

Treasures of the Balkans

I am curious about this fairly recently opened-to-tourists area of Europe.

Ultimate Iceland

A culture and geographic area I have yet to explore.

Country Roads of Umbria & Tuscany

I am interested in further exploration in Tuscany and have not yet visited Perugia.

Highlights of Poland

I have never been to Poland and would like to visit.

Best of Morocco

I have been fascinated with Morocco and would love to visit.