Eliminating Single-Use Plastics Across Our Brands

Eliminating Single-Use Plastics Across Our Brands

As a proud member of The Travel Corporation, we have always strongly believed that travel and tourism companies play a vital role in protecting the world’s natural habitats, cultural heritage sites and communities both where we live and where we travel to. 

A decade ago, The Travel Corporation created The TreadRight Foundation and started a Social Responsibility journey to ensure that the places we live in, the communities we visit, and the planet we love remain vibrant for generations to come.

Last June, we announced a single-use plastics elimination; becoming single-use plastic free by 2022 across all our offices and operations.

From the start of the 2019 operating season, each of our sister-brands will no longer offer single-use plastic water bottles on coaches. We’re proud to support this decision to help in reducing plastic waste by several hundred thousand plastic bottles per year. Our sister-brands will also be eliminating other pieces of single-use plastics from operations. Another big change guests will see is the removal of any plastic or non-biodegradable name tags on tour. Single-use plastic luggage tags will be also replaced by reusable, and more durable luggage tags. 

In our Portland, Oregon office, we’re focused on our own earth-friendly initiatives every day. Last year we removed all use of personal trash bins at desks. This eliminated the use of single-use trash bags and helps us focus on what we can recycle and what really needs to be thrown out. We’ve also removed single-use coffee cups, single-use creamers, plastic tableware, and each of us has a favorite water bottle and/or reusable coffee mug at our desk.

In 2018 we introduced our e-docs program which allows our guests to receive their travel documents digitally, replacing the need for paper whilst also having a tree planted in their name as part of our plant a tree initiative. 

Learn more about all we do at GET to help #MakeTravelMatter on our website and ask for your travel documents to be sent to you digitally when you book your next vacation!

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