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Make Travel Matter - by supporting people, wildlife & the planet for generations to come

The TreadRight Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created as a joint initiative between our parent company, The Travel Corporation (TTC) and its family of over 40 travel brands.

We recognize the impact travel has on our world. At Grand European powered by TreadRight, we focus our efforts on where travel can have the most impact: this Planet which we all call home, the People whose homes we visit, and the rich Wildlife we find there.

How do we make travel matter? 

We drive impact in these areas in two ways: through Our Strategy in which we address the impact of our business and our operations, and through Our Foundation through which we support sustainable tourism initiatives of organizations all over the world.

TreadRight launched the Make Travel Matter Pledge to serve as the first step for travelers to commit to sustainable travel. (Weave together that we have made the pledge and our asking our travelers to do the same)

TreadRight has also developed other resources including the Make Travel Matter Checklist, designed to keep sustainable actions top-of-mind and make them more tangible in an effort to assist travelers along the journey to becoming more responsible.


Through our strategy

Our priority is to lead by example and aim to tread right in all that we do. TreadRight has been working since 2008 to reduce the environmental impact of our businesses. Further, in 2013 our first Corporate Social Responsibility strategy was implemented, and we’ve since grown into a company where everyone – our employees, partners, suppliers, and guests – clearly recognizes and embraces their responsibility to make travel matter and tread right along with us. 

Our new five-year CSR strategy titled How We Tread Right strategically identifies areas of focus for TTC, our family of brands, employees, and guests. We’ve set measurable annual targets to guide our environmental improvement efforts that address both our environmental footprint and community impact. These efforts are anchored to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an increasingly “common language” which address today’s sustainable development priorities. The 17 SDGs are a blueprint for peace and prosperity, people and the planet, now and into the future.

Our Carbon footprint

Alongside all members of the World Travel & Tourism Council, we’ve committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050, and now we are embarking on our journey to do so. Furthermore, we will determine how to make this happen sooner than 2050.

Single-use plastics

In 2019, we committed to eliminating as many unnecessary single-use plastics as possible from our offices and operations by the close of 2022. Since then, our teams removed more than 60 types of single-use plastic items. Examples of this include the elimination of all plastic name tags, the introduction of reusable luggage tag made from recycled materials for all of our brands, and the end to the sale of single-use plastic water bottles on all of our motorcoaches.

Through our foundation

Our TreadRight Foundation supports community-based projects worldwide, and to date we have supported more than 55 projects. Support is provided through a grants program to projects that share our ethos towards the Planet, People and Wildlife; the core pillars of TreadRight.

TreadRight People projects are committed to encouraging the cultures, traditions and arts of the communities we visit to thrive. These projects enable communities to see the true benefit from tourism through economic empowerment through our support of micro-enterprises, and community-based initiatives that build positive futures for community members and their families.


The world’s wildlife population is balancing on a dangerous precipice, so it is our responsibility to protect those species most at risk. Partnering with leading wildlife conservation organisations, we work to protect and rehabilitate elephant, rhino and big cat populations around the world, while also educating our guests on ethical wildlife experiences.


Reducing the environmental impact of our business is at the core of all that we do. We partner with organizations committed to safeguarding the future of our planet through landmark, ocean and coastline conservation and clean-up initiatives, while implementing a strategy to reduce our operational footprint as well as the footprint of our guests.