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Switzerland Tours & Packages

Switzerland Tours Alpine Horns
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The snowcapped summits of the Alps, crystal clear lakes, glamorous ski resorts and cosmopolitan cities await you on our selection of 7-14 day Switzerland tours.

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Switzerland Tours by Region

Breathe in crisp mountain air from the rooftop of Europe. Switzerland tours are unforgettable for many reasons, being especially known for experiences in an environment that you can’t get anywhere else.

Here’s a summary of some noteworthy places you will want to add to your list when browsing our Switzerland tours. 

Swiss Alps & Zurich

From the Matterhorn to Stanserhorn, the magnificent Swiss Alps cover 60 percent of the country. A scenic Switzerland tour will take you to Zurich, the world’s capital of banking, on the Limmat River, where you’ll walk the colorful street, Augustinergass and see carved windows of medieval merchant houses.

Lake Geneva

Visit the headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva or the home of the International Red Cross. Chillon Castle began as a Roman outpost on the other side of Lake Geneva and later belonged to Swiss nobility.

St. Moritz

The mountain resort town St. Moritz beckons with its chic boutiques and cable cars. 


Visit Ticino, where Italian is the official language, and stroll along the gentle shores of the Swiss side of Lake Maggiore. Take a delightful short on the lake boat trip while enjoying a Ticino tour to see the gorgeous Isola Bella, famous for its gardens and stunning white peacocks. 

Central Switzerland & Lucerne

Central Switzerland is a great place to start your Switzerland vacation, as you can easily get to Lucerne from Zurich. Travelers on Central Switzerland tours want to explore this quaint town, see the melancholic Lion Monument, cross the covered Chapel Bridge, and take a walk nearby Pilatus. If you're looking for a snowy wonderland vacation, travelers love to take Switzerland tours in the winter to experience the magic of Lucerne's Christmas market.

Valais & Zermatt

Board the Glacier Express and continue your Swiss vacation to Zermatt, a southern resort town famous for its skiing and rock-climbing opportunities. Zermatt in the summertime offers many leisure possibilities: try swimming, hiking, or spending a whole day relaxing in the fresh Alpine surroundings. Or take a ride on Europe’s highest cable car to the snow-capped roof of the world for a magnificent panorama of the highest peaks in Switzerland, Italy, and France.

Can't decide which cities and places in Switzerland you want to visit? Make it easier on yourself and start with the Best of Switzerland tour to help narrow your search.

Frequently Asked Questions About Switzerland Tours

When is the best time to tour Switzerland?

The best time to tour Switzerland generally is between April and October. Each season offers a unique visiting experience, however, so it depends heavily on your traveling goals. For example, The winter months focus on sports and talent competitions, while the spring months showcase fresh Alpine buds, green pastures, and peaceful views.

What are the best of Switzerland’s travel offerings?

This is an excellent question. If you are looking for history and landmarks, check out Lucerne or Zurich. Try Montreux, Chillon, St. Moritz, and the Matterhorn Village of Zermatt for culture and hospitality. For nature lovers, there's Mount Stanserhorn, where you can talk to a Swiss ranger to learn about local wildlife and flora. Journey to the shores of Lake Geneva, where the associations with the early European Romantic movement are very strong. If you're looking for the Best of Switzerland, you can't go wrong by adding these places to your list. 

How many days should I spend in Switzerland?

It is recommended to stay for at least five to seven days to experience Switzerland to the fullest. However, if you can only travel for less than a week, you can easily experience many of the country’s highlights in as little as three days.

Is Switzerland affordable to visit?

Switzerland is not the cheapest country to visit. However, our guided tours and river cruises ensure you get the best out of your experience. We'll always talk to you about your travel budget and find the best possible option for exactly how you want to go and what you want to see. 

Why Should You Visit Switzerland?

The reasons to travel to Switzerland are unending. With world-renowned banking and economic prestige, historical landmarks, dreamy scenery, and a nationwide homage to culture and hospitality, you will not go wrong planning to visit Switzerland. If you have questions or when you're ready to book a trip to Switzerland with us, we'll help you find exactly what you're looking for that stays within your budget. 

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