Why A River Cruise
Is the Best Way To Cruise

Why A River Cruise
Is the Best Way To Cruise

So Why a River Cruise?

Sailing by river means enjoying all the conveniences of a traditional cruise, along with all the benefits of inland travel. Stopping in multiple destinations on every trip, you’ll visit bustling cities and hidden gem villages, only unpacking once. Even while on board, you’ll be absorbed in the sights, with ever-changing views right outside your window. 

Europe is built on Rivers

There is absolutely no better way to immerse yourself in Europe than from the banks of one of her many distinctive rivers. In the Old World, commerce, and therefore life, was centered on Europe’s great rivers. They were the arteries of the entire country and, as a result, many of the quaint, memorable European villages that you’re likely daydreaming about right now were built on the shores of these same rivers.

The Excursions V3


Never restricted to coastal towns and ocean-liner ports, river cruise ships can take you to the heart of your destinations and dock in the center of town, so you can step right off the ship and start exploring.


Forget about indoor cabins. When river cruising, every room has a view. Relax and enjoy the ever-changing scenery as you sail to your next destination.

The Excursions V2


Every Uniworld cruise is meticulously crafted to be an experience you won’t find anywhere else, filled with moments that are each more breathtaking than the last. We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our included and optional excursions immerse you in the authentic culture, sights, and cuisine of the places you’ll visit.

Smaller Ships, Fewer Guests

Uniworld ships have an average capacity of just 120 passengers, which means you get to enjoy an intimate onboard atmosphere and unmatched service, with a crew-to-passenger ratio of 1 to 2.3.

Crew To Pax V2


Service is at the heart of everything we do. Uniworld ships have an average capacity of just 120 passengers, which means you get to enjoy an intimate onboard atmosphere and unmatched service, with a crew-to-passenger ratio of 1 to 2.3.

Pax Onboard V2


While ocean liners are made to be massive, think 5,000+ guests on a 14 story vessel, river cruises are simply not capable of that scale. They need to be able to fit beneath bridges that may be incredibly old, and close to the water. As a result, river cruise ships are much smaller and carry far fewer passengers. With Uniworld, you’ll enjoy state of the art ships carrying an average of 120 passengers per journey. The great news? You’ll feel like you’re in a boutique hotel, not a massive vessel—and a small ship takes you that much closer to everything!

Saterooms V2


Uniworld’s staterooms are unlike anything you’ve experienced cruising. Whichever stateroom category you choose, you’ll enjoy large windows above water, as well as balconies in many rooms. Your room includes luxury amenities and plenty of space to unpack all your things and store your suitcase out of sight.

The Safest Way to Cruise

By nature, sailing on the rivers means constant proximity to land and shoreside resources—and, by extension, the ability to stop the ship and disembark at any time, if necessary.

Your well-being and peace of mind is priority

We are committed to giving you an unparalleled travel experience, both onboard and onshore—one that is not only luxurious and memorable but also protects your health and safety while you are in our trusted hands.


As members of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), we have been actively involved in helping to define global protocols and are kept up to date with all government advisories and travel alerts on a daily basis. Our protocols will be adapted and adjusted as needed, in a timely manner, as local governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) define and implement what is required in each country.

Boarding Your Ship V3 (1)


Unlike on an ocean cruise, you won’t have to deal with wait times for embarking or disembarking. And on tours, our guides can bring you right past the long tourist lines at popular museums and attractions.


We've added new measures to elevate our hygiene standards for every facet of the onboard experience—from the introduction of innovative, non-toxic cleaning solutions to hand sanitizer stations throughout the ship.

Top 5 Rivers to Cruise in Europe

The Rhine River

Flowing through Switzerland, Holland, France, and Germany, the Rhine is known for quaint river towns rich in history and charm.

Cruise the Rhine
Rhine River in Boppard, Germany

The Douro River

Warmly recognized for emerald green waters that twist and turn through Spain and Portugal.

Cruise the Douro
Two boats on Douro River with Porto in background, Portugal

The Seine River

Pair history with blooming beauty through Paris and Normandy in France.

Cruise the Seine
Seine River, Alexander Bridge and Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

The Danube River

Perhaps the most well-known of the European rivers, the Danube winds through Germany, Romania, Austria, Slovakia...

Cruise the Danube
Passau Old Town and Danube River, Germany

The Rhone River

Renowned for routes sailing to some of the most respected wineries in Europe, namely Provence and Burgundy, France.

Cruise the Rhone
Old bridge in Avignon, France

Experience the Uniworld Difference

Uniworld—the world’s best and most awarded luxury river cruise line—offers itineraries in spectacular destinations throughout Europe, Russia, Egypt, Asia, and Peru. Travel from one exciting destination to the next aboard a stylish floating hotel with inviting lounges, cozy libraries, panoramic restaurants, sumptuous cuisine, exquisite antiques, and original art, and luxurious river-view staterooms and suites. The European fleet features luxurious ships with an average capacity of 120 guests, the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the river cruise industry, enticing shore excursions, world-class gourmet cuisine, impeccable hospitality, and numerous other all-inclusive benefits.

Worldwide Cruise Destinations

The Neterlands EXPLORE Kinderdijk Windmill and tulip fields, Netherlands
France EXPLORE Alexander Bridge over Seine River, Paris, France
Germany EXPLORE Castle and bridge over the Neckar River in Heidelberg, Germany
Austria EXPLORE Salzburg overlooking Danube River, Austria
Italy EXPLORE River cruise ship in Venice, Italy
Asia EXPLORE Boat on Yangtze River, China
Eastern Europe EXPLORE Cesky Krumlov with river and sky, Czech Republic