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Greece Travel Tips

When it comes to exploring the distant past, no place on earth tops Greece.  And whether you’re drawn to its ancient history or natural treasures, you’ll find the perfect tour of Greece with our collection of expertly planned journeys.  You’ll uncover all the highlights – from the famed Acropolis to the cliff-hanging monastery of Meteora. And that’s not all.  Our adventures take you beyond the guidebook to experience Greece’s rich traditions and local culture, more than 3000 years in the making.

Greece entices visitors with its timeless treasures, which culminate in its capital city of Athens.  Here, in this Greek metropolis, antiquity and modern life coexist. A trip to the Museum of Greek Folk Art affords glimpses into Grecian living, while the Acropolis, home of the iconic Parthenon, provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Athens is a place where myths and modernity are equally embraced.  A place where mopeds weave through traffic against a backdrop of renowned ancient ruins – and where art, music, dance, and laughter are served up nightly. And that’s just the beginning.

In Delphi, the Sacred Way leads to the Temple of Apollo. Corinth is renowned for its long-standing pottery craft. And Olympia is home to the famed site where the Olympic Games were first held in 776 B.C.  A visit to this fascinating place provides a glimpse at the birthplace of modern athleticism and its traditions that have survived through the millennia.

Greece’s remarkable history and beauty stretch beyond the mainland to an archipelago of roughly 2,000 islands featuring untouched natural areas and incomparable Mediterranean retreats.  None of these are more coveted than Santorini and Mykonos, where whitewashed houses and colorful balconies populate dramatic hillsides above the sea.

Whichever tour of Greece you choose, you’ll enjoy expert guides, enriching experiences and VIP entrance at legendary sites.  What are you waiting for? The treasures of Greece await your discovery.


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