Traveling with Your Partner

Traveling with Your Partner

You could be the ideal travel companion. You could be compassionate, money-conscious, a sound sleeper and someone who is well-versed in all of the challenges you could face before and during a trip. Or, you and your partner could be first-time adventurers, not knowing who the better navigator is or who should be the last to shower each day of your getaway. No matter the situation, there’s always room to grow and show your special someone that you can be that patient, mindful travel partner.

From carving out a practical budget to keeping your companion’s quirks you so lovingly adore in mind, there’s a host of tips that you and your partner can agree upon as you explore the world.

Set a Travel Budget

It’s easy than you think to spend money while traveling. When you book your tour, all of your hotels, sightseeing, transportation, and most of your meals end up taken care of. However, you’re still going to want to budget for any optionals you’d like to enjoy, additional tips for local guides, meals on your own, and bringing home souvieners and authentic mementos. Work with your partner to set a travel allowance, with an allotted amount dedicated to extra meals, trip optionals, and emergency toiletries. When it comes to the budget, no matter how high or low, it’s crucial to know your partner’s expectations. When in doubt, allow for an additional 25% of your budget for the unexpected.

Be Mindful and Thoughtful

You may have gotten used to your partner’s habitual behaviors and unshakeable routines during your normal home life. It’s important, though, to remember that when you’re on a trip together, those things still matter. If you know your companion needs coffee first thing in the morning, grab a cup for them if you’re up first. Keep prescriptions in mind and when they need to take their medicine. Think ahead and try to remember what frustrated them during previous trips. Before going on your adventure, it’s always good to discuss these expectations so that you’re more likely to be a considerate travel companion.

Be Patient When Hunger Strikes

Being on vacation doesn’t mean that your body’s schedule and needs change. Just as your circadian rhythm ticks, so does everything else. Keep that in mind when your partner might be showing signs of hunger and the irritation that accompanies it. Pro Tip: It’s best to pack a couple of emergency snacks for the day. While there will be meals, you or your partner might need a little pick-me-up during the busy moments of your day. To avoid grumpy disasters, be willing to try local foods and keep in mind to grab a snack when you stop, even if you’re not that hungry.

Decide Who is Taking Direction

When the two of you are setting out on your find free time during a guided tour, make sure to decide early on who is managing whichever form of navigation you’re using. Letting your partner take the reins during free time will help give you a break. Then, switch and take charge of the next free-time adventure. Luckily, both of you will get the chance to relax when the tour guide leads the way.

Plan A Surprise

Thankfully, when you book a guided tour, you don’t have to worry about planning. Even better – you can reach out to your Travel Director when you enter your trip preferences to let them know you’re celebrating a big occasion or that you’d like to do something special for your partner. No matter how big or small the thought, your Travel Director most likely will go out of their way to help you create a magic moment.

Setting out on a trip together is an invitation to making new memories. And while doing so, you can celebrate the past by also reserving a special anniversary trip for you and your loved one. No matter the reason for your vacation, don’t let tiny irritable moments take away from the big picture experiences and memories that you two are creating together.

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