Celebrating an anniversary on a guided vacation

Celebrating an anniversary on a guided vacation

Certain occasions in life call for celebration. Remembering the day you wed your spouse is one such occasion. 

While many people celebrate their anniversaries over dinner, with flowers, and occasionally with a small trip, we think there is another great way to do it; a dream guided vacation. Booking a guided vacation means that you don’t have to worry about anything else once you pack your bags. You’re left free to explore the world with your partner, your best friend, and the one you love. Here’s a look at five vacations that are simply perfect for celebrating an anniversary.

You Want: Iconic Romance

We Suggest: Best of France

Let’s face it, while otherworldly destinations claim to be romantic, when you get right down to it France is the gold standard when it comes to romance. In Paris, the city of lights, it’s incredibly difficult to ignore the romance surrounding you. From the classic Eiffel Tower and charming bridges to the art influence found throughout the city, the French just know how to do romance. A trip here for your anniversary could include dinner for two by candlelight, brunch served on a patio with a fresh latte, and afternoons spent strolling through well-manicured parks, sophisticated shops, and art museums. As an added bonus, we know of precious few ladies who are unimpressed at the prospect of a trip to France, so there is little chance of disappointing your partner with this destination. We suggest our  “Best of France” vacation to get a taste of everything the country has to offer. You’ll swoon in Paris, enjoy the finest wines in the Bordeaux region, and feel positively luxe in the French Riviera. This 14-day adventure has it all but leaves plenty of space for quiet, romantic encounters as well.

You Want:  Captivating Experiences

We Suggest: Best of Italy

Italy has so, so much to offer. From ancient Rome and the Colosseum to the canals of Venice and the rolling hills of Tuscany. How one country manages to offer so many different experiences is a wonder in itself. An anniversary trip to Italy means that you’ll be creating memories in an infinite number of ways. You can wine and dine on world-famous dishes and wines in Florence, take in history and culture in Rome, shop like you mean it in fashion-forward Milan, and feel the island breeze kiss your face on the Isle of Capri. There really isn’t a bad time of year to visit Italy, making it an evergreen destination no matter what month your anniversary falls in. To get a taste of everything Italian, we suggest our 14-day “Best of Italy” vacation. You’ll spend time in all of Italy’s top destinations while riding in style through the countryside and along the coast. Of course, you’ll have a stop in Venice, and plenty of time to let a gondolier serenade you as you celebrate your love.

You Want: Fairy Tale Romance

We Suggest: Castles along the Rhine

What child hasn’t daydreamed about adventures in a castle? Not a single one we’ve ever met. Make your sweetheart’s childhood reverie come to life when you sail along the Rhine River and experience a  myriad of iconic castles perched on the banks and cliffs above. We think there’s no better way to experience this than from a river cruise ship, specifically along our 9-day “Castles along the Rhine” cruise. You’ll sail along the Rhine, splitting France and Germany, and experience castles dating to the 1300s on each side. Along the way, you’ll see famed Marksburg Castle, and visit other sites rich in medieval history. The landscape is so stunning, it’s no wonder it inspired artists and composers like Beethoven! You’ll feel inspired and completely enveloped in romance too as you sip on local wines and enjoy a leisurely pace once traveled by the nobility. This route makes it easy to feel royal, and to treat your spouse to a fairy tale experience unlike any other!


You Want: Chivalry, Romance, and Lush Surroundings

We Suggest: Iconic Ireland and Ashford Castle

Pair an iconic 13th-century castle with the thick green rolling hills of Ireland and you’ve got the makings for a trip you won’t soon forget. Ireland is a country with deep traditions and a slow pace of life that invites intrigue and romance at every turn. From famed cliffs that plummet into the sea to castle ruins and people you’ll never forget; Ireland has it all. In addition to experiencing the flavors and sights of the emerald isle, you’ll also get a chance to kiss the Blarney stone and experience the “Ring of Kerry”, noted as one of the best drives in the world. No trip to Ireland should be considered complete without a stop at the lush Ashford Castle, known the world over for being featured in film, TV, and as the residence of the Guinness family. Take in all Ireland has to offer in an amazing, 12-day experience on our “Iconic Ireland and Ashford Castle” vacation. It’s a romantic experience you’ll never forget.

You Want: Something Off the Beaten Path

We Suggest: Easy Pace Budapest, Vienna, and Prague

Maybe you’ve travel a fair amount and have seen the quintessential romantic hotspots. Or maybe you’re looking for a new romantic setting that takes your breath away. Whatever the reason, Budapest, Vienna, and Prague may be just the place for a taste of something a little different. No less romantic than their more often traveled European counterparts, these cities offer incredible food, history, and architecture worthy of noting, and art museums to rival anything France offers. In addition to all those things, a romantic jaunt across the Czech Republic and Austria also offers snow-capped peaks, different gastronomy than your common European fare, and interactions with locals who are excited to meet you. Yes, you’ll also get castles, rivers, and art, but a more leisurely lifestyle accompanies our 11-day trip through these cities. For a relaxed pace that offers plenty of time to explore on your own, we highly recommend the “Easy Pace Budapest, Vienna, and Prague” tour.

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